Devaan Hanmation

Devaan Hanmation is a Professional Broadcaster and Communications Expert with over 14 years of experience in the industry. She has a BA in Mass Communication and is currently doing her Masters in Public Relations.

She started her profession with the Nigerian Television Authority in Abuja where she peaked in her career as the youngest reporter to cover the National Assembly from that media house(a portfolio she retained for 4 years) before leaving to join the BBC World Service Trust (now BBC Media Action, an International Non Governmental Organization). At the BBC WST, she served as a TV Trainer and Behaviour Change Communications Specialist for over two years, coaching and mentoring Producers in various TV stations across seven states in Nigeria on a HIV intervention project. Her efforts at the BBC were crowned with an award when she was named “Staff With Outstanding Performance” in her unit in her first 15 months. Subsequently, she joined the PMI Africa Indoor Residual Spraying Project coordinated by Abt Associates (another INGO) in Lafia Nasarawa state as the Behaviour Change Communication Coordinator, a position she held for one year before leaving to take up her current appointment as the Program Manager of a Local NGO.

Devaan Hanmation has highly developed skills in Public Speaking having worked as a TV Presenter for over 12 years. Her passion for Gender Equality and Human Rights Advocacy stem from experiences she has had as a reporter and as development worker. She started this blog as way of drawing attention to issues of domestic violence, gender equality, and human rights.

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