‘Mother covered in petrol and burned to death by boyfriend who discovered she was having an affair with his teenage son’

Stories like this make me wonder how putting oneself constantly over and above others helps anybody. By all means do what you can to stay happy (that includes bringing happiness to others by the way) but also do a mental and emotional evaluation of certain thoughts before turning them into actions.

There are those who might challenge me and say, “people have no control over who they fall in love with”. It has even been scientifically suggested that the part of the brain concerned with sanity is the one affected by those who are in love, so essentially, people in that state are robbed of logical reasoning (ever heard the phrase “madly in love?”). But there is yet a school of thought which argues that the state of loving someone is actually a conscious decision. Either way, I think a bit of self-control never hurt anybody before. The lack of it however, constantly leads to grief and uncertainty.

The story posted here I think reflects one such example of not thinking about how others feel about the actions we take. Why on earth would a man have a long-standing relationship with a woman, only to go ahead and father FOUR kids with her daughter???!!! Woody Allen much?

Is it any wonder therefore, that a woman who saw absolutely nothing wrong with making babies with her mother’s former lover, wakes up and decides that she now wants to have a romantic relationship with the man’s far younger son? Who by the way is her children’s step brother? And I guess at 19 that creep of a son had no idea it might be wrong to be in a sexual relationship with a woman who, to all intents and purposes was his step mom?

Please people, if we could all just learn to put the other person first I do believe the world would be a far more pleasant place to live in. I do not ascribe to what the man in question did by setting her ablaze, but should he have seen it coming? Err… yeah! Ever heard of Karma anyone? Well apparently she’s a bitch.

Now they go ahead and leave a whole bunch of psychologically skewered kids behind. What a life.

  • Ashley Williams, 49, is accused of murdering his girlfriend Julie Beattie
  • Prosecutors say he set her alight over her plans to move in with his son
  • Jurors are told she wanted to live with 18-year-old Ashley Williams Jnr
  • Old Bailey hears Williams hit her with hammer and doused her in petrol
  • Father-of-12 Williams had a previous relationship with Miss Beattie’s mother
  • Court hears that Miss Beattie’s sister, Lucy, saw her sister in flames

By Richard Spillett

A mum-of-four was burned to death after her boyfriend discovered she’d been having an affair with his 18-year-old son, a court heard.

Ashley Williams, 49, put tape over the mouth of his 24-year-old girlfriend Julie Beattie and hit her with a hammer before dousing her in petrol, the Old Bailey was told.

Miss Beattie staggered out of their house in Walworth, south London, shrouded in flames and later died from 90 per cent burns, the jury were told.

The court heard Julie Williams, pictured, was planning to move in with Ashley Williams Jnr on the day she died             The court heard Julie Beattie was planning to move in with Ashley Williams Jnr, pictured, on the day she died


Jurors heard that Miss Beattie had told father-of-12 Williams she was leaving him for his 18-year-old son, Ashley Williams Jnr, before the attack.

Prosecutor Edward Brown QC said: ‘That was why the defendant carried out the dreadful act of revenge that he did.

‘Julie Beattie died a terrible death. The medical staff at the burns unit did all they could but her injuries were such that she could not be saved.
She died of her injuries in Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. The court heard her last words were: ‘Ashley did this to me.’

Hours before the alleged attack, Miss Beattie’s sister Lucy had gone to help Miss Beattie collect her belongings and move in with her new lover, Ashley Jnr, the court heard.

But Williams, who was suspicious of Miss Beattie, returned home early from his work as an Islington Council groundsman to try and stop her.

Lucy Beattie said she left to give the troubled couple space but, when she came back, she saw her sister stumble out of the house in flames, the court heard.

Ashley Williams Jnr, who was Williams' son from a previous marriage, attended his father's murder trial at the Old Bailey today

Ashley Williams Jnr, who was Williams' son from a previous marriage, attended his father's murder trial at the Old Bailey today


Prosecutor Mr Brown said: ‘The fire that killed her was deliberately set by this defendant.

‘He used petrol that was likely to have been mixed with diesel. The liquid must have been on her when it was ignited.

‘Her other injuries were to the top of her head. He had hit her with a hammer.

‘That did not kill her. It was the flames that killed her, but that combination of injuries tells you much of the defendant’s actions in those dreadful moments.’

The court heard Ashley Williams Jnr, pictured, and Miss Beattie started a relationship after he moved in with her and his father
The court heard Ashley Williams Jnr, pictured, and Miss Beattie started a relationship after he moved in with her and his father


The court heard Williams had eight children with a previous wife, including Ashley Jnr.

He then started seeing Miss Beattie’s mum Linda, who had three children, including Julie, from a previous relationship.

When that relationship broke down, Williams began seeing Miss Beattie, who he went on to have four young children with, the first being born when she was just 16.

Jurors heard things began to deteriorate between the couple when Williams’ son Ashley Jnr moved in with them in September 2012.

Miss Beattie and Ashley Jnr started a sexual relationship and on the day of Miss Beattie’s death, the pair were planning to set up home together in Catford, south east London, the court heard.

Prosecutor Mr Brown said Williams, who did nothing to try and help Miss Beattie, was arrested in a park shortly after the attack.

He had slit his wrists and police were alerted to him after following a trail of blood from the house, the court heard.

Weeks before the attack he had tried to take an overdose of pills, jurors were told.

Mr Brown said that when police approached him he said: ‘I am the man you are looking for’.

Mr Brown added: ‘The cause of this lady’s terrible death was this defendant’s deliberate act. He was angry, aggressive and seeking revenge for what he considered she had done to him.

‘She was beaten by him with a hammer to the top of her head, no doubt when standing over her and then set light to her.

‘There can have been no other intention for what he did so but to cause her at least really serious harm or indeed death.’

Williams, of Walworth, south east London, denies murder. The trial continues.

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