No truth in Cannibal hotel story?

Well someone who found the human-heads-on-menu-in -Anambra story decidedly upsetting decided to research the story thoroughly and came up with lose ends. His/her opinion is posted below.

“Any Mann” wrote: I have attempted to follow the news trail to find out the original source of this “news” and my findings are as follows:
13th and 14th February 2014: News item published online by several western media including Yahoo, The Independent, Metro and Mirror all quoting “Osun Defender”
5th September 2013: News item published by acknowledging it was curled from “Naijazip”
4th August 2013: News Item published in acknowledging it was curled from “Naijaloaded”
8th February 2014: News item published in by a person simply identified as “Dellyma”. No further acknowledgement of secondary source.
Please note the dates of these publications. It seems someone is trying to use the publication in to tie up loose ends.
All the quoted Nigerian websites have no physical contact address and are suspected to be run by people of Yoruba tribe; perennial antagonist of the Igbo tribe in whose land the incidence is alleged to have occurred. The two sides were on the opposing side in the Nigerian civil war.
Devaan say: While she may be write, I do not subscribe to the notion of any ethnic group witch hunting the other as s/he seems to suggest. People will get sensational for any number of reasons including the one s/he has put forward but I am less inclined to rush to that conclusion. My good friend Uche Aniagolu drew my attention to this.

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