BREAKING: Jonathan Asks Tukur To Resign

…and the PDP brouhaha continues unabated.


13 January, 2014

President Goodluck Jonathan has asked the Natioanal Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, to turn in his resignation letter before the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting scheduled for Thursday, January 16.

This request followed the widespread agitations for Tukur’s removal.

One of the allegations against the National Chairman is that he holds NWC meetings at his Wuse 2 residence instead of the party’s Wadata Plaza headquarters.

Tukur’s supporters, however, have claimed that some of the NWC members were bribed in the tune of N30million to N40million each to lead the campaign for his sack.

The Chairman keeps saying he won’t quit office as he did nothing wrong.

A source close to the Presidency disclosed to Leadership yesterday that Jonathan held another stormy session with Tukur on Saturday to ascertain most of the allegations leveled against him by some members of the NWC at the meeting they had with the president on Thursday.

“Some of you might not know that each time there are problems or calls for his removal, the same NWC members would come to the villa and say there is peace and that all is well,” said the source.

“But in this case … the same NWC members have opened up on the man that he is the problem we need to deal with. Other critical stakeholders are of the same view and even very powerful elders and members of the BoT have secretly sent in submissions that Tukur is not helping both himself and the party; no governor except one is speaking or pleading for him,” the source added.

The source also said what indicted the seriousness of the situation around Tukur was that on Saturday it was the first time when Jonathan told Tukur he wouldn’t plead for him, and if he (Tukur) was aware he didn’t have the majority members of the PDP NEC on his side, he should resign before the NEC on Thursday.



The member of the PDP NEC challenged Tukur to describe the particular progress the PDP made under his chairmanship, he stated he would not quit his post.

An anonymous NEC member said before the NWC members’ meeting with the President on Thursday, they had individually and collectively complained to elders of the party about Tukur’s management of the party.

“Assuming but not conceding that the NWC members collected money, who bribed the governors not to speak on behalf of Tukur? For the party to move ahead, I think the NEC should be allowed to take a decision on the man so that we can forge ahead,” said the anonymous member.

Meanwhile, NWC members have vowed to boycott today’s meeting of the body called by Tukur. Multiple sources in the NWC confirmed that the needed quorum for the meeting would not be achieved.

According to the sources, three members out of the 12-man NWC would however be mandated to attend the meeting and hear him out.

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