Paul Walker ‘was in a STREET RACE when he died in fireball crash’

I never knew this guy in person so why does his passing hurt so much? Its stories like this that make you wish you could raise the person up from the dead, shake ’em, spank ’em and yell, “what were you thinking?” before giving them a hug of relief. Sadly, that will not be the case in this matter.


  • Police are now probing whether the  supercar was racing at the time of fatal crash
  • The driver of the vehicle was former race  car driver Roger Rodas, Paul Walker‘s friend and financial  adviser
  • Father Paul  Walker Snr has paid tribute to his son: ‘His heart was so big. I was proud of  him every day of his life.’
  • The 40-year-old starred in five of the  six Fast & Furious films about illegal street racing and heists 
  • A teaser leaked online for the  franchise’s latest DVD chillingly includes Walker’s co-star Tyrese Gibson saying  the line: ‘Promise me, no more  funerals’, before Walker replies: ‘Just one more.’
  • Walker leaves behind daughter, Meadow,  15, and long-term girlfriend Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell, 23
  • Officials  confirm speed WAS a factor in the crash as sources  say a steering-fluid leak may have also caused the driver to lose  steering

By  Alex Greig, Tara Brady and David McCormack

The supercar that actor Paul Walker was in  when he died was racing another vehicle at speeds of more than 100mph when the  fatal crash occurred, witnesses claim.

Police are investigating tip-offs from  possible witnesses that the Porsche‘s owner Roger Rodas, who also perished in  the crash, was in the middle of a street race at the time, TMZ reports.

Other reports today claim the former Pirelli  World Challenge race car driver was going 100mph just moments before the  crash despite traveling through a 45mph zone.

‘Though the investigation is in its early  stages, investigators from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department believe the  Porsche was going over 100 mph,’ a source close to the investigation told Radar.

Detectives are now appealing for anyone who  may have video of the car to come forward.

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Fans gather and place flowers on Sunday at the scene of a fiery crash that killed Fast & Furious star Paul Walker in the Santa Clarita area of Los AngelesFans gather and place flowers on Sunday at the scene of  a fiery crash that killed Fast & Furious star Paul Walker in the Santa  Clarita area of Los Angeles
xIn this photograph actor Paul Walker, best known for his role in the Fast & Furious action movies, is seen stepping into his friend Roger Rodas’ Porsche GT just moments before the horrendous crash in which the pair lost their lives

It is understood the fatal incident took  place in an area popular with street racers.

The new twist in the case comes as Paul  Walker Snr, the Fast & Furious film actor’s father, paid an emotional  tribute to his son, saying: ‘His heart was so big. I was proud of him every day  of his life.’

Choking on his tears, Mr Walker told website  JustJared: ‘I’m just glad, that every time I  saw him, I told him I loved him. And he would say the same thing to  me.’

Describing how friends and relatives had  rallied around to support the family in their time of grief, he added: ‘You  can’t beat friends at a time like this. His brothers are all taking it pretty  hard.’

Mr Walker also told how his son had been  determined to cut back on filming commitments to spend more time with his  daughter just before he died.

He said: ‘He told me “I want to take a  hiatus”, his daughter Meadow is just 15 and “I  don’t have much more time to be  with her” and then boom, he got another  movie. He would say, “I don’t know what  to do.”

No survivors: The remains of the Porsche Carrera GT lie where the vehicle came to rest. The steering wheel shows the driver's position, meaning that Walker would have been sitting at the point where the vehicle struck the treesNo survivors: The remains of the Porsche Carrera GT lie  where the vehicle came to rest. The steering wheel shows the driver’s position,  meaning that Walker would have been sitting at the point where the vehicle  struck the trees
Heartbroken: Paul Walker's father, Paul Walker Senior paid tribute to his son today as family members joined fans to mourn at the makeshift memorial at the crash site
Heartbroken: Paul Walker's father, Paul Walker Senior paid tribute to his son today as family members joined fans to mourn at the makeshift memorial at the crash site
 Heartbroken: Paul Walker’s father, Paul Walker Senior  paid tribute to his son today as family members joined fans to mourn at the  makeshift memorial at the crash site

Today co-star Tyrese Gibson wept as he  visited the crash site to lay flowers. Hundreds of fans have turned the site  into a makeshift shrine.

Meanwhile, a haunting clip of tragic actor  Paul Walker promising there would be  ‘just one more’ funeral in the next Fast & Furious film was leaked  online just three days before he died in the  smash.

In the teaser  scene, from Fast & Furious  7 but released as an extra on the DVD and Blu-ray versions of Fast & Furious  6, Walker’s character, Brian  O’Conner, makes the remark to co-star Tyrese  Gibson’s character, Roman  Pierce, at the funeral of Han and Gisele.

Standing in the graveyard, Gibson turns to  Walker and says: ‘Promise me Brian, no more funerals.’

‘Just one more,’ responds Walker, a reference  to Jason Statham’s villainous character  Ian Shaw.

The clip was leaked on film website on November 27. Fast & Furious 6 is to be released on DVD and  Blu-ray on December 10 in the U.S.

Disbelief: Damian Diaz writes on a Racer's Prayer board as people gather around a make-shift memorial site at the spotDisbelief: Damian Diaz writes on a Racer’s Prayer board  as people gather around a make-shift memorial site at the spot
Remembered: Dozens of fans have now flocked to the scene to pay their respects to the star

Sheriff’s deputy Peter Gomez said  investigators are continuing to work to determine how fast the car was traveling  and what caused it to lose control, Fox News reported. They will be investigating  whether the driver was distracted or if he swerved to avoid something in the  road.

It comes amid claims the crash may have been  caused by a steering malfunction in the high-performance sports car.

Sources linked to Always Evolving – the shop  co-owned by Walker and the Porsche driver Roger Rodas – told TMZ they saw evidence of a fluid burst and  subsequent fluid trail before the skid marks at the accident site.

They said the noticeable lack of skid marks  until just before the crash site suggest the driver may have lost control of the  steering. On top of that, they appear in a straight line, not in a swerve  pattern as normally occurs when a driver loses control of a car.

The sources also told the website that  the flames spread so quickly to the front  of the car reinforces their theory of a  steering fluid leak. The engine of a Porsche Carrera is at the back of the  vehicle.

It was also revealed today that the  eight-year-old son of Rodas was one of the first to the site of the horrific car  crash.

Before the flames had even died  down, Rodas’s son heroically came rushing  to try and pull his dad from the inferno.

‘His son had jumped the fence and gone over,  he was trying to get his dad out,’ said witness Jim Torp.

The tragic detail emerged after  footage surfaced of the Fast & Furious actor stepping  into his friend’s ill-fated sports car just 30 minutes before the  horrendous crash in which  the pair lost their lives.

According to Radar Online, the crash happened so close to  the charity event Walker was attending that Rodas’s son was on the scene in mere  seconds.

‘There was nothing he could do,’  Torp said.

TMZ reports that the crash occurred as the  friends were on their way back from a 20-minute drive.

Prior to that drive, Rodas had personally  taken the wheel of the vehicle  after one of the former race car driver’s  employees at the upscale auto  shop he owned was having issues backing the car  up into the garage. The  vehicle reportedly kept stalling for the  employee.

As Rodas took control, Walker hopped in  because he hadn’t yet had a chance to take a spin in the impressive sports  car.

The crash occurred just yards away from the  auto shop as the friends returned.

The county coroner has revealed that the  bodies of Walker and Rodas were so badly burned  that they are currently  unidentifiable.

‘There was a post-collision fire and bodies  are not visually identifiable,’ said LA County deputy coroner Dana  Bee.

 Tragic loss: Paul Walker, 40, leaves behind a  15-year-old daughter, Meadow, pictured with him above left, who had recently  moved to California from Hawaii to be closer to him. Walker was killed in the  crash along with his friend and business partner Roger Rodas, pictured with  Walker above right

The LA County Coroner’s office has  requested  dental records for both victims before they can identify the  bodies. Autopsies  on both bodies have been delayed until later this  week, reports TMZ.

Walker, who appeared in six of the seven  films about illegal street racing and  heists, had been at an event for his  charity Reach Out Worldwide before  deciding to take the car, a cherry-red  Porsche, out for a drive with his friend.

Walker was a  self-confessed adrenaline  junkie who enjoyed fast cars, surfing and  outdoor pursuits. On his official  Twitter account, he  described himself as ‘outdoorsman, ocean addict, adrenaline  junkie…  and I do some acting on the side.’

The wreck took place about 3.30pm, about 300  yards from the office park where the event was held – and where the speed limit  is 45mph.

Guests rushed to put out the flames with fire  extinguishers but the fireball had already engulfed the car.

By Saturday evening, all that remained was  the burnt mangled metal of the red car and a light pole that had been knocked  down.

Father daughter day: Here, Walker is pictured with his 15-year-old daughter Meadow (far right) as he takes a break from filming in Montreal back in June
Better days: Here, Walker is pictured with his 15-year-old daughter Meadow (far right) as he takes a break from filming in Montreal back in June
Better days: Here, Walker is pictured with his  15-year-old daughter Meadow (far right) as he takes a break from filming in  Montreal back in June
 Woman he left behind: Walker had been dating Jasmine  Pilchard-Gosnell, 23, for the past seven years, relatives have said she is  ‘broken up’ over his loss and that she was quickly becoming a stepmother to  Meadow
 Fans write remembrances, left, while leaving flowers,  candles and even DVDs, right, at the scene of the crash that killed Paul Walker  and his friend Roger Rodas in the Santa Clarita area of Los Angeles on  Saturday

TMZ also reports that Walker’s childhood  friend Nute was one of the first to reach the scene with a fire extinguisher and  tried desperately to put out the flames despite seeing quite clearly that the  crash was not survivable.

Nute then took a swing at responding  officers, who initially placed him under arrest but let him go once the  circumstances became clear.

Antonio Holmes told the Santa  Clarita Signal: ‘We all ran around  and jumped in cars and grabbed fire extinguishers  and immediately went to the  vehicle. It was engulfed in flames. There  was nothing.

‘They were trapped. Employees, friends of the  shop. We tried. We tried.’

Holmes added: ‘Him and his buddy, his brother  in arms at heart just decided to joyride,  take a spin. Something we all do.  We’re all car enthusiasts…

‘We’re  all here driving, enjoying each  other, and God must’ve needed help.

Rapper Tyrese Gibson was overcome with emotion when he visited the crash scene where his friend Paul Walker died in Santa ClaritaRapper Tyrese Gibson was overcome with emotion when he  visited the crash scene where his friend Paul Walker died in Santa  Clarita
Devastated: Tyrese Gibson took a piece of the crash scene which he said he would keep to hold on to Walker's energy foreverDevastated: Tyrese Gibson took a piece of the crash  scene which he said he would keep to hold on to Walker’s energy  forever

‘When we saw Paul and Roger leave, Paul was  the passenger in the vehicle. They both were experienced drivers.’

Fellow co-star and rapper Tyrese Gibson broke  down when he attended  the crash scene last night, less than 24 hours after  Walker was killed. Standing amid the notes, candles and flowers dedicated fans  have put together for the star, he burst into tears.

Everyone around him fell silent as the rapper  laid two flowers where his friend died.

Tyrese also took a piece of the wreckage home  and posted a photo of it online. He wrote: ‘I will keep your energy with me  forever #AshesOfAnAngel fast family around the world, we live you and we love  you. Paul is the  heartbeat of this franchise and we’re gonna see it that his  energy  presence lives on forever #myhearthurtssobad’

He later tweeted: ‘At least I got to say I  love you #OurLastExchange but our laughs and moments will live  forever.’

Walker leaves behind a 15-year-old daughter,  Meadow, who had  recently moved to California from Hawaii to be closer to  him.

The actor was also dating Jasmine  Pilchard-Gosnell, 23, who is said to be ‘broken up’ over his loss, relatives  have revealed.


Across social media sites, fans have been posting a  quote – ‘If one day the speed kills me, do not cry because I was smiling’ –  attributed to Walker


A memorial for Paul Walker:  Fans have been paying their  respects to the Fast & Furious actor at the scene of the crash, he died on  Saturday afternoon along with his friend Roger Rodas

People lay flowers at the spot where actor Paul Walker died in a car accident in Santa Clarita, CA.
People lay flowers at the spot where actor Paul Walker died in a car accident in Santa Clarita, CA.

‘Hurting so bad’: Co-stars and fans were both shaken by  the news of the actor’s death. Fast & Furious co-star Tyrese took to  Twitter, writing: ‘My heart is hurting so bad.’ Tyrese was seen at the crash  site visibly emotional as he mourned his friend’s death

People lay flowers at the spot where actor Paul Walker died in a car accident in Santa Clarita, CA.

People lay flowers at the spot where actor Paul Walker died in a car accident in Santa Clarita, CA.
 ‘Unbelievable’: Visitors to the memorable found the  scene difficult to see following the crash that left a charred Porsche wrapped  around a tree. Even after authorities picked over the scene, it remained  difficult for some to see. ‘It was just unbelievable,’ said Sandra Caipo, who  visited the scene
cRemoving the wreck: The remains of the Porsche are taken  away. The L.A. County Coroner has requested dental records for both victims  before they can identify the bodies

Her uncle Barton Bruner said that she is  being comforted by her mother Julie as she struggled to cope with the ‘horrible’  news.

Bruner said: ‘Paul was a really good guy and  Jasmine is broken up by this. I  went to Thanksgiving with him, played golf with  him.

‘They had their ups and downs but they were  together and looking to spend a bright future together.

‘This is horrible news and unexpected. Her  mother is with her and she is comforting her’.

Roger RodasThe driver of the car in which Paul Walker  died has been identified as former race car driver Roger Rodas, 38, who was also  Walker’s financial adviser.

The pair were friends and had been racing for  several years before they began collaborating on Walker’s finances.

Rodas had helped Walker establish his Reach  Out Worldwide charity, after  creating his own foundation to support widows and  orphans in his native  El Salvador.

Rodas was also the CEO of Always Evolving,  the car customization shop where Saturday’s charity event had been taking place.  Walker was an investor in the business.

It is believed the pair were leaving the  event when the crash occurred.

Walker reportedly started dating  Pilchard-Gosnell when she was just 16, meaning he would have been 33, an age gap  of 17 years.

She was supposedly beginning to become the  step-mother to Walker’s daughter, even though she is only 10 years  older.

The actor’s official Facebook page told fans  of his death: ‘It is with a truly heavy heart that we  must confirm that Paul  Walker passed away today in a tragic car accident while attending a charity  event for his organization Reach Out  Worldwide.

‘He was a passenger in a friend’s car, in  which both lost their lives.

‘We appreciate your patience as we too are  stunned and saddened beyond belief by this news.

‘Thank you for keeping his family and friends  in your prayers during this very difficult time. We will do our best to keep you  apprised on where to  send condolences. – #TeamPW.’

Since the crash, fans and people  wishing to  pay their respects have left messages of condolence as well  as candles and  flowers at the site of the crash.

Across social media sites, fans have been  posting a quote – ‘If one day the  speed kills me, do not cry because I was  smiling’ – that is attributed  to Walker.

In the ‘Fast & Furious’, the  blond-haired, blue-eyed actor played Brian O’Conner, a law enforcement  official and starred in all but one of the six action blockbusters which began  in 2001.

He was  born in Los Angeles and brought  Californian surfer good-looks and an  easy, warm charm to the popular  street-racing series.

‘All of us at Universal are heartbroken,’  Universal Pictures said in a statement.

‘Paul was truly one of the most beloved and  respected members of our studio  family for 14 years, and this loss is  devastating to us, to everyone  involved with the Fast and Furious films,  and to countless fans.’

His ‘Fast & Furious’ co-star Vin  Diesel  posted a photograph of him and Walker arm-in-arm on Instagram  with the message:  ‘Brother I will miss you very much. I am absolutely  speechless.’

Another  co-star, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson,  also took to social media to convey  his condolences. Johnson also posted an old  photo of him and the late  Walker.

The son of a fashion model and a sewer  contractor, Walker grew up in a working class, Mormon Los Angeles household.

The oldest of five siblings, Walker’s mother  began taking him to auditions as a toddler.

He was a child model from the age of two and  starred in a Pampers commercial when he  was a toddler.

Walker was born in Glendale, California, and  raised in the San Fernando Valley area with his four siblings.

He previously said the early induction to  show business wasn’t to kick  start his career but a way to help provide for the  family.

After a string of TV roles as a child in the  1980s, Walker made his feature film debut in the 1998 comedy Meet the Deedles.

Tragic: A sheet covers part of the wreckage in which actor Paul Walker died after the car went up in flames in Santa Clarita Tragic: One witness, Jim Tort, said that one of those  people on the scene who witnessed the crash and attempted to help the men was  Roger Rodas’ eight-year-old son

Aftermath: Firefighters attend the scene where Paul Walker died when the car he was a passenger in crashed into a pole and a treeAftermath: Firefighters attend the scene where Paul  Walker died when the car he was a passenger in crashed into a pole and a  tree 
Paul Walker
Paul Walker
 Desperate: Bystanders desperately tried to put out the  flames with fire extinguishers but the fire was too strong

Following the tragic death of Paul Walker,  the future of the latest Fast & Furious film is in doubt.

A meeting was held on Monday between director  James Wan and Universal executives, and filming is unlikely to resume, according  to Digital Spy.

A large part of the film has already been  shot, although Walker and the rest of the cast were scheduled to travel to Abu  Dhabi to film additional scenes in January.

Walker had been scheduled to fly to Atlanta  this week to resume filming, with TMZ reporting that he was supposed to be  filming some ‘key scenes’ for the latest film in the highly successful  franchise.

Filming will now grind to a halt following  the untimely death of Walker, who played  lead character Brian  O’Conner in six of seven film instalments.

Universal – the studio behind the movie –  doesn’t know when, or if, they will start shooting again although if it does go  ahead the script will require a significant rewrite to explain the loss of such  an integral character.

The last film, released in May, was the most  lucrative of them all, grossing more than $788 million worldwide.The one sequel  that Walker didn’t appear in The  Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006) was  the least successful.

The seventh instalment of the street racing  series, also due to star Jordana  Brewester, Vin Diesel, Michele Rodriguez and Dwayne Johnson, was scheduled for a  July 2014 release.

Director James Wan tweeted that he was  ‘beyond heartbroken’ and was unable to ‘process anything’ in the hours following  the 40-year-old star’s death.

The last post to Walker’s Twitter profile  before his accident on Saturday was dated Nov. 29, and included a still from  what appeared to be the set of Fast & Furious 7 and a message that read ‘The  boys are back. Will you be ready?’

Walker had recently joked that he would  continue working on the long-running film franchise until ‘Fast & Furious  66’.

Paul Walker
Paul Walker
 Heartthrob: Walker was a child model and the face of  Davidoff Cool Water, appearing in print commercials for the brand

Supporting roles in films Pleasantville,  Varsity Blues and She’s All That followed.

His performance in the 2000 thriller The  Skulls caught the eye of producer Neal H. Moritz, who cast him in the  Fast & Furious as undercover police officer Brian O’Conner.

Adapted from a Vibe magazine article  about underground street races, the film became an unexpected hit.

In the sequel, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Walker moved  to centre stage with his co-star Vin Diesel momentarily dropping out.

Walker, a self-described ‘gearhead,’ kept his  character’s sports car from the film.

Other roles include Brokedown Palace, Flags  of Our Fathers and the Hurricane Katrina drama Hours, which is  set to be  released in December.

Although his stardom didn’t make as much of  an impact outside the Fast & Furious  series, Walker continually drew praise from his co-stars and directors as  a kind-hearted and eager collaborator.

Paul Walker
 Tragic ending: Walker starred in Fast & Furious, the  fourth installment of the franchise in 2009 (left) and the next one, Fast Five  (right) in 2011
 Jesse Brisendine, an internationally  recognized life coach, wrote on Facebook: ‘3 years ago Paul Walker and I were  sitting around talking about goals and dreams.

‘I asked him what he would want written on  his tombstone and his response was “He was a good guy and a kind  person.”

‘Having known Paul and being privileged to  call him a best friend and brother, having traveled the world together, having  shared 1000’s of laughs and tears together, I can honestly say that Paul was  more than a good guy and a kind person,’ he wrote.

The post continued: ‘He is one of the  kindest, caring, compassionate people I have ever met. He always wanted to  learn, he always wanted to grow, he always wanted to be the best person he can  be.

‘I know he would want the same for all those  who know him and know of him: to do your best to be the best person you can be.’

Hollywood stars have paid tribute to the  actor, including rapper and actor Ludacris, who tweeted his shock and sadness at  his Fast & Furious co-star’s untimely death.

Alongside a touching picture of the film’s  cast holding hands, he wrote: ‘Your humble spirit was felt from the start,  wherever you blessed your presence you always left a mark.

‘We were like brothers & our birthdays  are only 1 day apart, now You will forever hold a place in all of our hearts  @paulwalker legacy will live on forever. R.I.P.’


‘Effortlessly golden’: Outside of the Fast & Furious  franchise, Walker’s movies included Varsity Blues with James Van Der Beek, left,  (1999) and Into The Blue (2005) with Jessica Alba. On Saturday, Van Der Beek  tweeted, ‘I just remember him being so effortlessly golden.’

Paul Walker
Paul Walker
 Animal lover: Walker at the premiere of his film Eight  Below (left) said the best thing about the film was the dogs. The star had two  dogs, including a Chesapeake Bay retrieve called Boone

‘No, @RealPaulWalker. No. No. No,’ tweeted  actress Alyssa Milano. Walker guest-starred with her in the 80s comedy, Who’s  The Boss? ‘Rest with the angels. You. Sweet boy. #beauty #love  #RIP.’

Actress Goldie Hawn said: ‘Our family mourns  the loss of Paul. A very special Human being.  Our prayers go his beloved  family.’

Bring It On star Gabrielle Union said: ‘This  is awful. Awful. #RIPPaulWalker pls pray for his family, friends & fans.  We’ve lost a great, laid back, sweet, cool man & father.’

The Wire actor Michael B Jordan said: ‘Man  life is so short. People you care about can be here one min and gone the next  Don’t take life for granted RIP Paul Walker.’

TV host Vanessa Lachey said: ‘I just heard  and am in shock. Prayers to Paul Walker’s family. Life is precious, never take a  day for granted. #RIPPaulWalker’

James Franco said: ‘Much love to paul walker.  So sad. He gave a lot of joy.’

Mario Lopez, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Jack Osborne  and DMX also tweeted about the death.

Walker’s death came just days after he was  the victim of an online death hoax.

The actor will star in the upcoming Hurricane  Katrina drama, Hours, which Lionsgate’s Pantelion Films is to release December  13.

He also stars in Brick Mansions, a remake of  the French action film District B13 in post-production that Relativity plans to  release next year.

Relativity President Tucker Tooley said in a  statement: ‘Paul was an incredibly talent  artist, devoted philanthropist and friend,’

Walker formed Reach Out Worldwide in 2010 to  aid people struck by natural disasters.

Bill Townsend, a friend of Walker’s who  attended the fundraiser, said: ‘He was very happy. He was smiling at everybody,  just tickled that all these people came out to support this charity. He was  doing what he loved. He was surrounded by friends, surrounded by  cars.’

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