Adam Levine named People’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’: Idris Elba, Chris Hemsworth top our list of sexiest men of the year

Hmm. Adam Levine is cute, but sexiest man alive? Puhlease! And while I agree with some of the names on this list, I can’t help wondering, where is Blair Underwood? That dude is painfully handsome and has refused to age. Lets give him his own moment in the spotlight too please.

But forced to pick between Elba and Hemsworth, I think Hemsworth really rocks especially when he is wearing those flowing blond locks as Thor. Nice!


While the ‘Voice’  judge may have won over the magazine, this year we appreciated the talent and  dashing good looks of a few action stars.


LOTS OF LUTHER LOVE: Look at that dashing smile. Elba is  just too sexy, maybe that’s why he didn’t win.

Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

LOTS OF LUTHER LOVE: Look at that  dashing smile. Elba is  just too sexy, maybe that’s why he didn’t win.

The Maroon 5 rocker may be People’s  2013 choice, but here at the Daily News Showbiz team, we think a few other  Hollywood hunks deserved the title this year.

Idris  Elba

Quite frankly, People magazine’s No. 2 choice is easily No. 1 material.  Already critically praised for “The Wire” and “Luther,” this year alone Elba has  starred in several of the year’s biggest action movies, such as “Pacific Rim”  and “Thor: The Dark World.” The 41-year-old Brit also has a big Nelson Mandela  biopic due out later this month and could be an awards season staple. The guy is  all about versatility. When he’s not being the sexiest man on screen, Elba is  busy being the sexiest man behind turntables. The actor has been spinning at  some of the biggest parties of the year as a DJ, under the name Big Driis.

Fun fact: If chosen, Elba would have been the second black man to win in  the magazine’s 28-year history of the sexy competition, after Denzel Washington  won it in 1996.

HEMSWORTH A LOT OF SEXY: A buff, brawny blond babe.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

HEMSWORTH A LOT OF SEXY: A buff,  brawny blond babe.

Chris  Hemsworth

Forget the hammer and special effects. “Thor” star Hemsworth already looks  like some sort of Herculean demi-god. In a Hollywood world dominated by skinny  ties and slim physiques, Hemsworth, 30, is brawn at its best. Beyond his  action-packed film work, the Aussie hunk is a dedicated family man. He’s  adorably devoted to wife of three years, Elsa Pataky, and is a great dad to  little India Rose. Oh, did we mention he’s got that sexy Australian accent?  Those piercing blue eyes? That blond, beautiful head of hair …

Ok, we’re done.

	MAN OF STEELY BLUE EYES: Cavill in that red cape? Yes please.</p>


MAN OF STEELY BLUE EYES: Cavill in  that red cape? Yes, please.

Henry  Cavill

Remember that intense jealousy you felt after hearing “Big Bang Theory”  starlet Kaley  Cuoco was dating Superman? We do, too. Not only did the quiet British hunk  make that red cape look better than ever in the summer blockbuster “Man of  Steel,” Cavill has always made ridiculous costumes worth the  wear — and  watch. The 30-year-old actor has been a period drama dreamboat for years, after  starring in films such as “Tristan and Isolde” and “The Count of Monte Cristo,”  but perhaps none more swoon worthy than his prominent role as the sexy Charles  Brandon on “The Tudors.”

NO SHAME: He’s hot enough to Fass-bend or break our sexiest men of the year list.

Frazer Harrison/Getty  Images

NO SHAME: He’s hot enough to  Fass-bend or break our sexiest man of the year list.

Michael  Fassbender

Fassbender is the total package. And, after seeing him in “Shame,” it’s also  widely known that he has the total package. Jokes aside, Fassbender’s  filmography thus far has confirmed that the 36-year-old Irish hunk is  captivating on screen, but this year his performance as Edwin Epps, a brutal  slave-owner in the critically acclaimed drama “12 Years A Slave,” is simply  jaw-dropping. Alongside his (equally list-worthy) co-star Chiwetel Ejiofor,  Fassbender is sure to be mentioned in many awards season conversations to  come.

	HITRECORD JOE: We might be a little addicted to this Don Jon’s many talents.</p>

Michael Buckner/Getty Images for  SXSW

HITRECORD JOE: We might be a little  addicted to this Don Jon’s many talents.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

He gave us the boyish charm in “500 Days of Summer,” but this year  Gordon-Levitt showed he’s also incredibly hot. The 32-year-old “Don Jon” star  has really stepped into his role as a Hollywood triple threat — after  acting, directing and screenwriting the porn-themed flick. Also, Did you see  that buff body in “Don Jon”?!

Most importantly, no one — and  we mean NO ONE –  can win  a lip sync battle like this guy can.

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