Baby in a hurry: ‘Little Spitfire’ born in five minutes could walk and talk by seven months – and can already use a laptop aged one

I just want to know what her diet was whilst she was pregnant.


  • Jonathon Thorpe was  born five minutes after his mother went  into labour
  • About to turn one, he’s is soaring ahead  of other youngsters his age
  • He’s been walking and talking since seven  months and can operate laptop
  • His mother is convinced his rapid  progress is related to his fast delivery
  • The family will give him a mini-piano and  a drum kit on his first birthday

By  Daily Mail Reporter

They call him the ‘Spitfire baby’ – because  he was born just five minutes after his mother went into labour one year ago.

Heather Thorpe, 24, from Chelmsley Wood,  Birmingham, produced 5lbs 7oz Jonathon last November in an incredibly speedy  birth.

And now, 12 months on, the impressive infant  shows no signs of slowing down.

Superbaby: Jonathon was born in five minutes and could walk and talk by the time he was seven months oldSuperbaby: Jonathon was born in five minutes and could  walk and talk by the time he was seven months old


Jonathon has learned an astonishing array of  skills in the short time he’s been on this earth.

While most of his peers are only just getting  up on their feet, Jonathon has been walking and talking since he was seven  months old.

Since then, he’s learned how to dance, and  his proud parents report that he enjoys throwing shapes to his favourite song,  Gangnam Style.

What’s more, ahead of his first birthday,  Jonathon has proved himself to be increasingly tech-savvy. He can operate his  mother’s laptop computer and knows how to use a remote control to change TV  channels.

Heather is convinced her son’s rapid  development is connected to the speed of his delivery.

‘He’s intelligent, strong and clever,’ she  says. ‘We can’t quite believe how quickly he’s progressed. He was already  calling me “mummy” by seven months and he’s very chatty now.

Heather and Jonathon
Speedy tot

Little spitfire: Jonathon has developed rapidly, and can  even dance to his favourite song, Gangnam Style


‘The way he picks new things up is amazing,  he seems to learn really quickly. It must have something to do with the way he  was born.

‘He was born quickly and his development has  been super-fast as well. Jonathon’s got the mind of a two-year-old. He does get  through clothes very fast though – his feet are already too big for 12-18  month-sizes in the shops, and he loves food.’

Tomorrow the Spitfire baby turns one. To  celebrate his first birthday, Heather and her parents say they will spoil him.  ‘We’ve got him a mini piano and a drum set,’ said Heather. ‘He already loves  music.

‘He’s a big One Direction fan and he loves  Peter Andre too.

‘But his absolute favourite TV show is Jeremy  Kyle – he loves to watch that every morning.

Soaring ahead of other youngsters: Jonathon, who turns one tomorrow, is very talented for his ageSoaring ahead of other youngsters: Jonathon, who turns  one tomorrow, is very talented for his age


‘It’s been an amazing year with him and we  can’t wait to see what the future brings.’

Recounting the details of her speedy birth,  Heather says that on the evening of 21 November last year, she went to bed at  her family home in Birmingham at 11pm.

At that time, her waters had not broken but  at 3.55am she had a powerful contraction.

‘I got the urge to push and he came into the  world at 4am,’ she recounts.

Heather’s parents Mark, 53, and Marrion, 49,  slept through most of her labour. But once roused, they took Heather and  Jonathon to Heartlands Hospital to have him examined. ‘They said he was fine,’  said Heather. ‘It was incredible.’

Since then, Heather and Jonathon have lived  the doting grandparents. They’ve been amazed by Jonathon’s development.

Newborn: Jonathon and his mother not long after his incredibly quick birthNewborn: Jonathon and his mother not long after his  incredibly quick birth



Rapid development
Mother and son

Rapid development: The proud mother and son pictured at  his christening


Mark says, ‘He’s so clever – as soon as you  show him something he picks it up straight away.

‘There were no drugs or interventions during  the labour so maybe that’s why he’s come on so quick.

‘He’s a real little character, people fall in  love with him straightaway.

‘I get told off if I go to the shops without  him – people are expecting to see him.’

Marrion adds, ‘He came out so quickly, like a  little Spitfire. Heather is amazing. I’m bursting with pride.’

‘Heather’s so good with him. She hasn’t  rushed him but he just seems to want to learn new things all the time. It’s  Jonathon who’s in a hurry.’

Tech-savvy: Jonathon can operate his mother's laptop and knows how to use the remote controlTech-savvy: Jonathon can operate his mother’s laptop and  knows how to use the remote control


Fast learner

Fast learner: When he’s not using his mother’s computer,  he’s watching his favourite TV programme, Jeremy Kyle


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