Young family wiped out by suicidal driver who deliberately crashed his car head-on into their vehicle after splitting up with his wife

And here is another selfish and evil person. May the souls fo the family rest in peace.


  • Marek Wojiechowski left a four-page  suicide note before getting into his car
  • His wife called police and they launched  a search for the Polish taxi driver
  • But he crashed into a family of three  Irish holidaymakers as he was followed
  • Con Twomey, 39, his toddler son Oison and  his pregnant wife’s unborn child all died following the crash in Torquay, Devon,  last year
  • Wojiechowski, 26, also died following the  ‘deliberate’ two-car crash

By  Rob Cooper

'Killer driver': Marek Wojiechowski, 26, who 'deliberately' crashed into an Irish family's car - killing a father, his unborn child and his son‘Killer driver’: Marek Wojiechowski, 26, who  ‘deliberately’ crashed into an Irish family’s car – killing a father, his unborn  child and his son


A suicidal driver killed a young family on  their holiday when he ‘deliberately’ ploughed head-on  into their car, an  inquest heard.

Taxi driver Marek Wojiechowski, 26, left a four-page suicide note after  splitting up  with his wife before getting into his Vauxhall Vectra.

Police were alerted by his wife and they  started following him with their blue lights and  siren on but the Pole crashed  into a family of Irish holidaymakers in front of them.

Con Twomey, 39, his 16-month-old son Oisin  and his pregnant wife Elber’s unborn baby  girl all died following the accident in Torquay, Devon, in July last  year.

Wojiechowski also died following the  crash.

Although Mr Twomey initially survived he  suffered a severe brain injury and died ten months later.

Before the crash, the driver’s black taxi had spent 40 minutes driving 12 two-mile  circuits  around the Hamelin Way loop before he was spotted by a police car with  blue lights flashing driven by Pc Ben  Bickford.

When the police officer told him to pull  over, the Pole responded by speeding towards a junction and driving straight  into the Twomey’s car – making it ‘impossible’ for them  to avoid him.

Pc Bickford told the jury he followed the car  ‘on a hunch’ to see if it was Wojiechowski.

He drove between 70 and 80 mph to catch up  with the Vectra and flashed his lights four times to signal the driver to pull  over.

Pc Bickford said: ‘When I saw that he wasn’t  going to stop I pulled back. I am not a trained pursuit driver. The driver was  aware of my presence

‘As we approached the single carriageway he  made a deliberate act of  accelerating and driving straight into the other  carriageway.

‘The back end of the vehicle dipped  dramatically, turning directly into an oncoming car. I was just in  shock.’

Crash scene: The Polish taxi driver's Vauxhall Vectra (right) crashed into the Irish family's Volkswagen Gold (left) in Torquay, DevonCrash scene: The Polish taxi driver’s Vauxhall Vectra  (right) crashed into the Irish family’s Volkswagen Gold (left) in Torquay,  Devon


Crash victims: Con Twomey (right) suffered a severe brain injury and died 10 months after the crash in July last year. His wife Elber (left) survived the collision but lost her unborn baby girlCrash victims: Con Twomey (right) suffered a severe  brain injury and died 10 months after the crash in July last year. His wife  Elber (left) survived the collision but lost her unborn baby girl


Widowed Elber Twomey asked questions  through  her barrister about the lack of a specific police procedure to  deal with  suicidal drivers.

But Chief Superintendent James Nye told the  court that Pc Bickford was operating within standard police  procedures.

Chief Supt Nye told the jury: ‘He operated  within the national guidelines and practises and according to the training he  had received in dealing with vulnerable people.

‘He completed a three week standard driving  course which deals with vulnerable drivers and he acted in accordance to  this.

‘No one foresaw that outcome. It is tragic  and it affected the whole policing community but it was in line with  guidelines.’

Crash victim: Oisin, aged 16 months, was killed in the accident on the last day of his family's holiday in EnglandCrash victim: Oisin, aged 16 months, was killed in the  accident on the last day of his family’s holiday in England


Mrs Twomey was supported by her brother  and  a family friend at the inquest.

She left the courtroom as paramedics described how they fought for an hour to save her baby son Oisin.

Wojiechowski was arrested at the scene and  taken to hospital but died from his injuries later that day.

The inquest heard his suicide note said he  did not blame his wife for their split and that he loved their two children.

The Irish family wiped out by the crash  were on the last day of their holiday  from Meelin in Cork.

Wojiechowski, a former chef and kitchen porter, had recently  got a job as a taxi  driver working six nights a week after they got into  financial  difficulties.

Interviewed by police a week after her  husband’s death, his wife, who is a housekeeper, blamed herself for the  accident.

She told officers, through a Polish  interpreter: ‘Marek wasn’t coping well. He didn’t kill himself – I killed him. I  took hope away from him. I took everything away from him.’

Mr Twomey was taken back to a hospital near  his native Cork in Ireland but died in May this year.

Forensic pathologist Dr Amanda Jeffrey said  the little boy was still alive on the back seat in the immediate aftermath of  the crash but suffered ‘unsurvivable’ wounds.

Dr Jeffrey said: ‘Oisin was a well nourished  and healthy child prior to this incident. He was unconscious and in  cardiorespiratory arrest. He was still in his car seat.

Anguish: Con Towmey's coffin is carried out of St Joseph's Church, in Meelin, Cork, in May. He never recovered from a brain injury sustained in the collision and died 10 months after the crash in July last yearAnguish: Con Towmey’s coffin is carried out of St  Joseph’s Church, in Meelin, Cork, in May. He never recovered from a brain injury  sustained in the collision and died 10 months after the crash in July last  year


‘He had sustained catastrophic and  unsurvivable head and neck injuries consistent with him being rendered  immediately unconscious at the time of impact. ‘I  give his medical cause of death as neck and head injuries.’

Dr Jeffrey said Wojiechowski suffered  multiple injuries to his head, ribs and lungs. He  was arrested at the scene and taken to hospital but died later from his  injuries.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission  (IPCC), has launched its own probe into the collision.

The jury of 10 are only deciding on the cause  of the deaths of toddler Oisin and taxi driver Wojiechowski.

The inquest was adjourned until  tomorrow

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