Asda launches £6 bottom-boosting knickers to make women’s buttocks appear LARGER

Well, well, well! So our brothers and sisters in the west are starting to recognise the beauty of a well rounded behind. Nice. Trouble is, while Asda is just coming on board with this, these things have been all over Wuse market since last year. Better late than never though and certainly loads cheaper and safer than plastic surgery. Not absolutely sure how your date will feel when you slip outta your clothes and nuffin to grab ahold of though, but that’s a conversation for another day.


By  Daily Mail Reporter

Women have long envied celebrities like Kim  Kardashian, Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez for their shapely curves. Now they too can have the perfect bottom –  with a £6 pair of padded knickers from Asda. The underwear contains hidden pads high on  the buttocks to make them appear fuller and more peachy.

Padded pants: before
Padded pants: after

Peachy: How your bottom could look before wearing the  pants, up, and after putting them on, down

Padded pants: before
Padded pants: after

Curves: Without the pants, top, and with them, bottom (pun intended, lol!).  Asda has launched the padded knickers for just £6 today

Shapely: While small bums were once all the rage, celebrities like Jennifer Lopez are now admired for their curvesShapely: Small bums were once all the rage, but singers  like Jennifer Lopez are now admired for their curves

Customers will even be able to ‘double up’ on  the flesh-coloured padding to make their bum seem as big as  possible.

It is also the cheapest, with Asda claiming  there is no thriftier option on the high street.

The supermarket’s clothing arm George  launches the seam-free pants – nicknamed Great Bum Briefs – today after running  a poll which found more than half of women were unhappy with their  bottom.

Buying director Helen Connolly said:  ‘Shapewear is fast becoming an  essential wardrobe staple for British  women.

A poll by the supermarket chain found Nicki Minaj, pictured, was one of the celebrities most envied for their bottomA poll by the supermarket chain found Nicki Minaj,  pictured, was one celebrity most envied for her bottom

Kim Kardashian arrives to visit the Louvre Museum on September 15, 2010 in Paris, France
Kim Kardashian launches her new perfume, exclusive to Debenhams, called True Reflection, in London.

Curvy: American TV star Kim Kardashian, pictured, was  also named among the top five celebrity bottoms


‘We are expecting our customers to really get  “behind” this  new product.’

The supermarket’s poll found 92 per cent of  women already buy some kind of ‘shapewear’ to improve their look – with 42 per  cent spending up to £100 a year.

And 52 per cent are unhappy with their  bottoms as they currently are, the survey found – far more women than were  dissatisfied with their stomach (33 per cent) or thighs (15 per  cent).

The celebrity with the most envied bottom was  Scarlett Johannsen – with Cheryl Cole,  Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian and Pippa Middleton making up the rest of the top  five.

It is not the first time Asda has tried to  cash in on the bum-enhancing craze.

The supermarket said its Great Bum and Tum  Jeans became the best selling pair of jeans in its history, shifting 600 pairs  in the first five hours of sale.

There are already several pairs of padded  pants on the market, with Spanx booty boosting shorts getting the biggest  thumbs-up from our Femail writers earlier this year.

But at £72 a pop, they won’t leave much  change in the back pocket to do the ‘Asda price’ spank.

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