Gov. Sullivan Chime Attempts to Forcefully Eject Wife

This story is becoming more confusing. How do you forcefully eject someone who already wants to leave? The story all along has been that the governor has been keeping his wife hostage and she has been looking for a way out. Sigh. Couples!


Governor Sullivan Chime of Enugu State yesterday attempted to eject his wife, Clara Chime, from her State House quarters over her decision to go public about his illegal detention of her.

In effect, Mrs. Chime would have regained the freedom she has been denied for months, and for which she has campaigned publicly in the past week.

The governor’s action followed a marathon meeting the governor held with Clara’s Igwe family, during which the governor decided to let her leave the government house.

However, insiders say Mrs. Chime said she would prefer to travel out, preferably to the United Kingdom, to take care of herself and then be allowed to return to her matrimonial home upon completion of her trip.

Sources at the meeting said the governor turned down that offer, instead telling the First Lady to pack out immediately.

Security sources said that her refusal to leave immediately led to an attempt to forcefully eject her from the government house.

Following Mrs. Chime’s refusal to leave unceremoniously, the governor relented and called for another emergency meeting of the family. The meeting was still ongoing as at the time of filing this report.

On Friday, Governor Chime met with a delegation from the National Human Rights Commission for several hours to explain the reason for the confinement of the First Lady to a section of Government House.

Mrs. Chime’s public outcry was first reported by Sahara Reporters last week.  In a letter, she complained she had been confined within Government House and had suffered depression.  She subsequently also disclosed the harsh circumstances of her detention, including being threatened by the governor whenever she asked permission to leave.

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