“They Are Lying Against Me” – Wife of Enugu State Governor Responds to NHRC Press Statement

Yesterday I brought you the press statement issued by the National Human Rights Commission in respect to Mrs. Sullivan Chime‘s (Enugu state governor’s wife) allegations of emotional abuse, mental torture and house arrest. Well, apparently she saw the report too and is not feeling it on any level. Find her response below.


Wife of the Enugu State Governor, Sullivan Chime, Clara, has cried out that the report of the National Human Rights Commission on her incarceration by her husband, Governor Sullivan Chime is not the whole truth as it should be told to the Nigerian public.

Clara Chime 1 They Are Lying Against Me ––Governor Chimes Wife Cries Out

Clara said in fact the report was set to damage her reputation…

This was contained in a letter of complaint she wrote to her lawyer, Mr. Femi Falana, SAN. The NHRC had on Friday released a preliminary report on its investigations into Clara’s complaints of rights abuse.

Speaking on the report, the Executive Secretary of the NHRC, Prof. Bem Angwe, said the bone of contention between Chime and his wife was a disagreement over the procedure for the treatment of her occasional hallucinations and depression.

But Clara said she never told them about any “hallucinations”. In her letter, she said, “I am very disappointed to read what has been narrated by the National Human Rights Commission. Apart from the fact that the information was largely false, it showed lack of sensitivity in publishing sensitive medical detail.

“This has the effect of tarnishing and damaging my reputation. It is as though the commission set out to ridicule me. I made it clear to them that I had a nervous breakdown and found it inexplicable as to how hallucinations featured as part of my symptoms.

“It is important to make this clear, so that the public should be made aware of this and that the Commission should recognise part of her ethos in protecting human dignity. It has been suggested by some quarters that the Commission appears biased already because of the profile of the person whose reputation is at stake.

“I want to believe that the Commission would approach my case with open mind and in particular recognise me as a victim of crime. I hope that common sense would prevail and that the Commission should now retract the damaging publication and stop stigmatising me.”

I thought Governor Chime had said a neuro-psychiatric doctor, Dr Aham Agumoh was around to take care of his wife? What is really going? Is this be a case of cover up and counter cover up? Too many questions.

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