NYSC Set To Pay Vrigin Girls N50,000.00 For Keeping Themselves for Future Husbands

And then in recent rush of pure daftness, Nigeria‘s National Youth Service Corps, NYSC, (a one year mandatory service for Nigerian undergrads under the age of 30 aimed at promoting national unity and cohesion) is offering virgin girls N50,000.00 for keeping themselves pure for their husbands.


Now let me tell you everything that is wrong with this initiative in a few questions.

  • After earning the money, how long is she expected to stay a virgin especially if said husband does not show up for another ten years?
  • Any penalties if she rushes out to celebrate by losing her virginity that same day or the day after
  • Meanwhile, let’s assume the most noble intentions went into thinking up this Dead on Arrival plan, will our men be able to keep themselves from raping toddlers? Yea a good number of Nigerian women lose their virginity via rape. Take a poll.
  • Why are we so excited about rewarding female virgins and not male virgins? Yea they exist too.
  • How will these virgins be identified? Will we be taking their word for it or taking them to hsopital for tests and what will be the nature of these tests?
  • The folks who came up with this weird idea, have they any clue how easy it is to “revirginate” oneself nowadays?
  • We know witchcraft is alive and well in Nigeria. Elections are around the corner. Are our over eager politicians perhaps worried about not being able to get enough virgins to bury alive and ensure their victory at the polls?
  • Is the NYSC aware we are living in the 21st century and that human rights laws take exception to women or other vulnerable groups being discriminated against?
  • Will the names of these virgins be published?
  • Is NYSC aware the Academic Staff Union of  Universities, ASUU, is on strike and the matter is yet to be resolved and might take another few months? Is this really the best use they could put money to?
  • Are they aware of the ramshackle state of NYSC camps across Nigeria?
  • Do we really have nothing better to do with money and time?


Just my thoughts o.

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