Woman gained 7st to please her man who ‘loved curves’ – only for him to cheat on her with EIGHT slim women!

Why would anybody put themselves through this? If he wanted a fat lady, why did he not go for one right off the bat? For those of us who might not know, at 10 stone, this lady weighed just a little over 65 kgs which I think is a decent weight for a healthy female adult (we could go on and on about the body mass index but that’s not what this article is about). She gained an additional 44 kgs, just because her BOYFRIEND SAID SO!

I have seen ebony skinned girls become dramatically light skinned because some guy they were dating preferred light skinned girls. I have seen girls starve themselves near death because the guy prefers his girls slim. I have seen girls stop plaiting their hair in favour of weave ons because the guy said so. Pullllleeeeease! Where is the ring? And even in the event of marriage who said anything about completely losing one’s identity? Kai babes, na wa for us o!


  • Cassie  Payne, 26, was 10st 7lb and size 12 when she met her ex
  • During  their four-year relationship, her weight rose to 17st, size  24
  • He told her  he liked curvy women so she thought ‘the bigger the better’
  • She ate  takeaways and snacked on crisps, chocolate and biscuits
  • Then she  found out her man had been seeing eight other women
  • She was  shocked to discover they were all slim
  • They split  up and she went on a diet
  • Now weighs  9st and is a size 8

By  Daily Mail Reporter

A size 12 woman who gained seven stone  because her boyfriend convinced her ‘bigger is better’ was mortified when she  discovered he was cheating on her with eight ‘skinny minnies’.

Cassie Payne, from north London, increased to  a size 24 in four years after meeting her ex because he told her he thought  curves were more attractive.

The 5ft 4ins 26-year-old was devastated when she discovered he’d been cheating on  her with at least eight other women – and none of them were  overweight.

Cassie was a size 12 when she first met her ex
She gained 7st during their four year relationship

Weight gain: Cassie was a size 12 when she first met her  ex, left, and put on 7st during their four year relationship becoming a size 24


Cassie said: ‘I was shocked that he had been  unfaithful but the biggest smack in the face was the fact that all the other  women were thin.

‘I  expected them all to be big girls like me because I thought that was his type.  When I saw they were all really slim it didn’t make sense.

‘When he admitted they were his type and that  he’d gone off big girls I was mortified. I’d got so fat because I thought he  preferred it when all the time he was going behind my back with thin  girls.’

Cassie weighed 10st 7lbs when she first met  her ex – who we cannot name – through friends.

'I thought he adored my curvy body': Cassie was 17st at her heaviest but her boyfriend told her not to worry about her weight‘I thought he adored my curvy body’: Cassie was 17st at  her heaviest but her boyfriend told her not to worry about her weight


The couple would enjoy having nights in  together eating takeaways four times a week. As Cassie’s waistline began to  expand, she expressed concern over their unhealthy diet but he would tell her  not to worry about her size.

She said: ‘My mum gently suggested I should  lose some weight but when I told my boyfriend he assured me I  looked great and  not to worry.

‘He was always saying that celebrities had  got it so wrong because men hated really skinny girls and loved real curves.  When I put on weight he told me I looked sexier so I got the impression that it  was the bigger the better.’

‘I had spent the past four years eating everything  thinking that he adored my curvy body when all the time he was slowly going off  me’

After they had been together four years, she  had ballooned to a size 24 and 17st.

‘I knew I was obese but told myself that as  long as my partner fancied me, what did it matter? We  were happy so I didn’t need to worry what other people thought,’ Cassie  said.

But then her happiness was shattered when she  got a call from a friend warning her that her man was cheating.

‘I confronted him and he told me it was utter  rubbish. I believed him and told my friend not to call me again,’ she  said.

But as time passed Cassie began to grow  suspicious.

She said: ‘He was going out on his own and  started switching his phone off. I  noticed he said his battery was dead quite a lot which seemed odd.’

After he started receiving texts in the  middle of the night, Cassie decided to check his phone.

‘I decided to do a bit of snooping to put my  mind at rest and logged onto his Facebook page. I  scrolled through the timeline and there was a photo of my boyfriend which had  been tagged ‘my baby’ by a woman I didn’t know. I  posted a comment saying “Who’s baby?”

Diet starts here: She decided to lose weight after discovering her man had been cheating
She's now a size 8 weighing 9st

Diet starts here: She decided to lose weight after  discovering her man had been cheating and is now a size 8, weighing 9st


Minutes later she received a private message  from the woman asking Cassie how she knew him.

When Cassie replied that he was her long-term  boyfriend, she was shocked when the woman replied saying she was his girlfriend  too.

At first she didn’t want to believe it: ‘I  convinced myself she was lying and just jealous because she fancied  him.’

‘I was angry with him, but I was angry with myself  too. I had left myself go and I vowed to lose the weight’

But then she found eight  Facebook messages from different women  all claiming to be dating her boyfriend.

She confronted her man and was appalled when  he admitted he had been cheating.

But she was even more shocked when she looked  at the profile pictures of the women he had seen behind her back.

‘I wanted to know why he had cheated. I  expected them all to be big girls like me because that was his thing.  But they were all skinny minnies. It  didn’t make sense,’ she said.

When she asked him why, he told her he  ‘used to like big girls but now preferred  skinny women.’

‘He might as well have slapped me in the  face, I was gutted,’ Cassie recalled. ‘I  had spent the past four years eating everything thinking that he adored my curvy  body when all the time he was slowly going off me.

Cassie was 10st 7lb, left, when she met her ex before gaining weight
But she wasn't interested

Moved on: Cassie was 10st 7lb, left, when she met her ex  before gaining weight. Now she’s slimmest she has ever been, right, and wasn’t  interested when her ex wanted her back


‘I was angry with him, but I was angry with  myself too. I had left myself go and I vowed to lose the weight.’

Cassie joined a gym and overhauled her  diet.

She said: ‘Before I’d have a sausage and egg  sandwich for breakfast followed by stacks of biscuits and a carton of fruit  juice mid-morning before tucking into a jacket potato piled with cheese and  coleslaw for lunch. Then a takeaway with  bread and butter for dinner, as well as chocolate bars and packets of crisps as  I watched TV in the evening.

‘Instead I ate fruit for breakfast, a salad  for lunch and chicken and vegetables for  dinner. Snacks were out and I only drank water.’

Using revenge against her ex as her  motivation, she stuck with her diet and exercise regime and the weight  began  to fall off until she was a slim size 8, weighing nine stone.

‘My confidence started to grow. I noticed  other men seemed interested in me and stopped thinking about my ex so much,’ she  said.

Confident: Cassie is now a size 8
She cut out junk food and joined a gym

Confident: Cassie is now a size 8 after cutting out junk  food and joining a gym




Breakfast: Sausage  and egg sandwich

Lunch: Jacket  potato piled with cheese and coleslaw

Dinner: Takeaway  with bread and butter followed by chocolate bars and packets of crisps

Snacks: Stacks of  biscuits and a carton of fruit juice


Breakfast: Fruit

Lunch: Salad

Dinner: Chicken and vegetables

Snacks: None, drank  water

But then she bumped into him at a party and  had the chance to show him what he was missing.

‘He was staring at me and I noticed he was  looking me up and down. But it wasn’t until our eyes met that he looked shocked  and it twigged it was me.’

‘He walked over and I laughed and said to him  “you didn’t recognize me did you?” He  admitted he hadn’t and told me I looked amazing.

‘He asked me if I fancied going out some  time. Once I would have done anything to hear those words but I suddenly  realised I just didn’t care anymore.

‘I said “no thanks” and walked away. Knowing  his eyes were on my size eight bum as I walked off was the best feeling in the  world. I haven’t seen him since and have  no desire to.

‘But if he does read this I would like to  thank him for cheating on me. It was the best thing he ever did for me because I  have honestly never been happier.’

Culled from dailymail.co.uk

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