PLANE CRASH: Four Women Show Up Claiming To Be Late MIC Undertaker​ Tunji Okusanya’s Wives

Reminds me of the late Multi Millionaire and Statesman MKO Abiola who, knowing how many women claimed he had fathered their children, put a caveat in his will insisting that all but Simbiat’s  (his first wife) children undergo paternity tests before being given anything out of his will.  I also remember at least one of his older daughters refusing the test and telling em all to stuff it where the sun don’t shine! LOL! Pastor’s o, Senior Civil servants etc have all been named in such scandals after death.

Na wa! Rich men and the confusion they leave behind.


As the family of late Mr. Tunji Okusanya Snr, Managing Director, MIC Funeral Services, are trying to get over the tragedy that befell them through the ill-fated Associated Airlines plane crash that killed him and four of his workers, some unknown women have emerged claiming to have children for the deceased Okusanya Snr.


Members of the family that sought anonymity disclosed that the women and children were never introduced to the family before his untimely death some weeks ago.

The family member said four other women, apart from his legitimate wives, have showed up as his wives

He noted that he is surprised because the deceased did not tell or show the wives and children to his friends as well as his family members as it has turned out to be now.

But such an incidence cannot be ruled out considering the fact that he is a wealthy man and many would want to identify with him.

Culled rom
He urged senior members of the Okusanya to conduct DNA tests on the children to confirm the paternity of the children.

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