Is wearing make-up a ‘betrayal’? One woman’s dramatic transformation sparks online backlash

Good grief! The two women don’t even seem to be related. Na wa o! I need a make up artist of this calibre abeg make me too de look like mammy water.

That said, I don’t see it as a betrayal o. I think we should always put our best face forward as frequently as we possibly can. Nuffin wrong with it. In fact the lady looks far more confident in the “after” picture than in the “before,” plus, I think very few men would look at picture one twice. This is certainly better than plastic surgery and a whole lot cheaper.


A set of before and after photos that show  the dramatic difference between a woman with and without make-up have sparked an  internet debate about cosmetics.

Posted by make-up artist Melissa Murphy, the images,  simply captioned: ‘Make-up. That’s it,’ show a bare-faced woman with acne scars  and shiny skin, and then her transformation after putting on make-up, with  thicker eyebrows, flawless looking skin and a seemingly thinner face.

The stark difference between the images has  sparked a debate on Reddit, with  some internet users labeling make-up in general a ‘betrayal’ because it hides a  woman’s true self.

Before' And 'After' Makeup Photos         Before' And 'After' Makeup Photos
 Too much make-up? The stark difference between these  before-and-after images has sparked a debate on Reddit, with some labeling  make-up in general a ‘betrayal’ because it hides a woman’s true self

Reddit user plokoonismyfave initiated the war  of words when he wrote: ‘The left is uglier than the right, but beauty is  subjective. The right is her wearing a (figurative and literal)  mask.’

One person replied that a woman’s personality  counts more than her make-up routine, writing: ‘You only feel “betrayed” because  you put too much value on looks.’

In response to this accusation, plokoonismyfave pointed out the fact that a man who  artificially altered his appearance would be seen in a negative light,  too.

‘If a guy wore prosthetic muscles under a  long-sleeve shirt (à la Superman costumes), you would likely feel as if you had  been deceived, regardless of what you thought of the person,’ he  wrote.

Make-up picturesDisguise: One commenter pointed out: ‘If a guy wore  prosthetic muscles under a long-sleeve shirt, you would likely feel as if you  had been deceived, regardless of what you thought of the person’

He then went on to accuse the woman in the  photo of disguising her insecurites with cosmetics.

‘The girl in the photo is apparently not  satisfied with the way she looks without makeup,’ he said, ‘and uses makeup to  artificially portray a person more people would find attractive.’

Others stayed out of the debate altogether,  instead admiring the miraculous transformation made possible by the make-up  artist, who also shares her work on Instagram.

‘Holy crap! That’s amazing,’ wrote one fan of  the make-over. ‘I would’ve never been able to tell that those two pictures were  the same person. If this is your work, you have an amazing  talent!’

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