“I Don’t Give A F**k Anymore” – Genevieve Nnaji Opens Up On Why She Is Still Single

Sadly she is quite right. People who ordinarily don’t care to play wind up doing so to avoid being seen as migus. Those who dare to love genuinely do so at their own risk. But I have always maintained that for the world to remain sane, some of us must remain mugus and keep taking that risk in the hope that one day someone as genuine as you know you are in your heart comes along. I think she is giving up too soon. There is genuine love out there but you can’t find it if you go with the flow.

Remember that the person who hurt you was probably hurt by someone and decided to take his/her frustration out on the rest of the world. If we all adopt that attitude imagine what  a frightening world it would be to live in. Some of us have to keep saying “no, this is me and I remain uncoverted.” My take.


Nollywood actress, Genevieve Nnaji recently gave her opinion on dating in the 21st century.


She also declares she is single and happy in a recent Twitter post.

See below:




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