Khloe Kardashian had Lamar Odom, her Husband, Spied on For a Year by Private Detectives in Hopes of Gathering Evidence Against him in the Event of a Divorce.

Lamar Odom & Wife Khloe Kardashian in happier times



The basketball star who has recently been said to have relapsed into drug use may have been tipped over the edge by the strain of being married to a Kardashian. Now before fans crucify me, reports have been making the rounds on the internet that Khloe has had a private eye following her husband around for the last ONE YEAR in hopes of gathering enough evidence to use against him in the event of a divorce.

Good Lord! Who does that? If you distrust him so much that you need to PAY to keep tabs on him for up to a year, you have no business being married to him in the first place.  Just go ahead and get a divorce already.

There is something about not being trusted that just doesnt work in a marriage. Perhaps if the guy had a history of cheating on you it might be justified but if the private detective has been following him around for a year, I suspect he HAD to cause he just was not getting enough incriminating material else he would probably have wrapped up his report in a week.

But hey what do I know? I have never used a private eye before and probably never will. But perhaps m just being naive.

Would you use a private eye to confirm suspicions of cheating?








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