My Truth Can Not Be Supressed By Femi Fani-Kayode

Meanwhile somebody needs to tell FFK he really needs to take a chill pill. I have heard any publicity is good publicity but this is just absurd!


Earlier today I empathised with some of my igbo friends who were hurt by some of the things that I said and I expressed my regrets for hurting them.

However despite this they must understand that I meant no offence and I did not say anything out of malice. I simply spoke the bitter truth.

One of the reactions to that expression of truth was the rubbish that some faceless individual wrote about me and my family on some blog. Needless to say all that was written there was nothing but a tissue of lies concocted by a sick mind.

The man does not even exist. It was a scurillous and desperate attempt to smear me and to intimidate me into silence. They want to stop me from telling the truth about the history of our country.

I assure you that this will not work because I am not easily threatened or intimidated and I owe no-one an apology for narrating the facts of our history. My integrity and that of my family remains intact.

When those that wish to smear me have decided to stop being faceless cowards and to stop hiding behind fake names and identities then we can take up this matter properly.

When they are man enough to put a face to their fake identity then I shall take them to court. Until then they are just ghosts and a breath of foul air from the dungeons of hell.

They mean nothing to me. The truth can never be surpressed forever and at times like this it takes real warriors to reveal it. So the debate continues and I intend to be fully involved.


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