Couple Beat Four-year-old Nephew to Death Because he Couldn’t Count to 10

In my opinion, only one person is to blame for this unfortunate incident: the child’s mother who reportedly abandoned him and ran off. I am sure this man and his wife thought they were already doing the poor baby a huge favor feeding him, never mind letting him stay under their roof. Quite possibly this was not the first beating the child endured. It only turned out to be one beating too many.

May his poor soul rest in the Lord.


  • Four-year-old Raúl Antonio beaten to death for not being able to count
  • The boy’s aunt and uncle confessed to beating him and dumping his body

A Mexican couple have been accused of beating a four-year-old boy to death because he couldn’t count.

The child, named by police as Raúl Antonio, was allegedly beaten in by his aunt and uncle till he showed no signs of life, in Ecatepec, in the suburbs of Mexico City, on Tuesday.

MarÌa Guadalupe Tovar Hernández, 33, and Guillermo Delgadillo Becerra, 43, confessed to killing Raúl and dumping his tiny dead body on waste ground, a statement from Ecatepec police said.

MarÌa Guadalupe Tovar Hernandez
Guillermo Delgadillo Becerra

Confession: MarÌa Guadalupe Tovar Hernández, 33, (above) and Guillermo Delgadillo Becerra, 43, have admitted killing four-year-old Raúl Antonio by violently beating him as punishment for not being able to count to 10

The young boy had been abandoned by his mother and was then raised by his aunt and uncle — his two legal guardians.

According to his aunt, the boy had been living with them in the Guadalupe La Venta colony in Ecatepec, Mexico and she claimed that Raul had left the home and had not returned.

The couple originally reported Raúl Antonio as missing. Officials began investigating the couple when their original statements contained details that did not match.

The aunt and uncle on Wednesday admitted that Raúl Antonio was beaten the day before, as punishment for not knowing how to count to 10.

They revealed in their confession that they were beating him to discipline him. When Raúl failed to show signs of life, they realised he had died.

They then moved the body to an abandoned lot in Chapultepec, a neighboring town to Ecatepec.

Police in Ecatepec City investigated the location described by the couple where they found the lifeless body of Raúl Antonio, reports El Universal.

María Guadalupe Tovar Hernández and Guillermo Delgadillo Becerra have been detained by the authorities of Ecatepec and murder charges have been filed.

Physical punishment as a means to discipline children has become increasingly frowned upon by the international community.

The United Nations Committee on the rights of the Child called for ending physical punishment in 2006 stating that it “legalized violence against children” and it should be eliminated via “legislative, administrative, social and educational measures.”

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