Robin Thicke’s label didn’t like ‘Blurred Lines’: ‘The record company didn’t get it’

This song is the latest hit and has retained a place at number one on the pop charts for up to 9 weeks now.

But guess what? Roin Thicke says his record label was not feeling the song when he first played it to the execs and would not put any money into producing it. Eh had to go get funding elsewhere! The song which is one of the biggest hits the music star has ever had has found favor across various boundaries and demographies finding as much popularity with blacks as with white.

Of course feminists are p in arms over some of the lyrics. Me? I am just lovign what I think is a smash hit. I do wish the word “Bitch” had been replaced with “chic” but, whatever!

I guess the message here is, you always need to believe in yourself.

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