12-Yr-Old Boy Burned Alive Over Attempted Kidnap in Lagos (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

My deep hope and desire is that there will come a point in our justice system when everybody involved in a lynching can be brought to book and locked away. This child was only 12. I don’t even want to know what he purportedly did. He could have been apprehended and handed over to the police or to his parents. What is it in the our collective psyche that thinks such acts are acceptable on any level?

These things have always happened but before the age of the internet, you only got to hear unconfirmed rumors and maybe the odd news report. Now one is bombarded with this evil act every other week.

I must confess I did not have the gall to watch the video myself. I am only publicizing this in hopes that the perpetrators can somehow be found and prosecuted like those who lynched the Aluu 4 were.

The story was originally published on news.naij.com

God forgive us all.


A 12-year-old boy called Samuel was accused of trying to kidnap a school child with N50.

After it was discovered he was beaten and then burnt to death by an angry mob.

The incident reportedly happened at Bank-Olemoh, Olawale area in Lagos.

The discovery of a horrifying video of a 12-year-old boy being lynched has led to a group of Nigerians launching a new online campaign  against “mob justice” aimed at all Nigerians called “Don’t Walk Away”.

Video: (WARNING! Graphic Content)


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