Oklahoma Man Arrested After Torturing his Girlfriend With Power Tool for 5 Days

I hope he gets charged with attempted murder rather than just battery or domestic violence. This dude was NOT planning to let her go thereafter.



Clyde Harshaw

By: Eva Fett
(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested and charged with numerous felony charges after he kidnapped and tortured his girlfriend for several days, according to police reports in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Police said that a man kidnapped, drugged, raped and brutally tortured his girlfriend for a period of five days.
42-year-old Clyde Harshaw was arrested last week and charged with kidnapping, assault and battery, maiming and rape by an instrument.

Harshaw allegedly detained and drugged his unidentified girlfriend inside his McAlester home earlier this month, holding her captive for five days. The suspect allegedly cut his victim with a knife before pouring acid on her wounds. He also used an electric drill to pull out her hair and hit her legs with a hammer.

“He took a hammer and hit her in the knees and legs with it,” Pittsburg County Sheriff Joel Kerns said.
Harshaw also allegedly cooked meth and injected the victim with it in order to test the strength of the dangerous drug. Police said the woman’s refusal to buy pseudoephedrine, one of the key ingredients used to make meth, triggered the terrible chain of events.

Harshaw’s girlfriend managed to escape from captivity after five days, while her alleged kidnapper was burning her clothes. A passing motorist gave her a ride to a local police station. Harshaw was arrested two days later.
Sheriff Kerns said it was one of the most extreme violent cases he has ever seen.

 Culled from yourjewishnews.com

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