Jealous Boyfriend Burns His Girlfriend & Her Friend To Death

There is a saying “keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” In this case, the other girl might still be alive had she not been with her friend.


photoTwo female corps members serving in a Community Secondary school in Iddo, Asari-Toru LGA of Rivers State were burnt beyond recognition by one of the victims’ boyfriend who attacked them in their room.

One of the victims, Amarachi Okey Winifred, is a batch C corps member while the other whose name could not be ascertained as at the time of this report is a fresh batch B corps member who just left camp and reported at the PPA a few weeks ago.

At first, the attackers were thought to be some PPA (Place of Primary Assignment) community boys and students from Winnie’s PPA, but the story turned out differently.

It turned out that Winnie was burned by her boyfriend because he felt she was cheating on him with a fellow corps member. A corps member who stayed in the same hostel with Winnie in camp related the events.

“He thought she would be the only one in the room, he locked the door from outside, put petrol and lit the fire. Unfortunately, a friend of Winnie was also in the room. She’s a batch B corps member who just left camp some weeks ago. Unfortunately for the boyfriend, he burnt his hands in the process. That was how the dude was identified and caught.

“In camp she was always scared whenever he called and she missed it and all. Didn’t know d fool was like this. Four years relationship fah… Because for hostel that time, everybody go dey wonder why she dey fear am,” the corper said.

After the incident, the victims were both taken to the Intensive care unit (ICU) of UNIPORT Teaching Hospital due to the critical nature of the burns. The victims did not survive the burns. Winifred died on the morning of July 31. The perpetrator however, has since been caught by the Nigeria Police.

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Devaan says: Imagine what this creep would have done were she his wife. Of course there is a good possibility the girl did cheat on him. Who in their right senses would opt to remain in such a relationship? May their souls rest in peace.


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