11-Yr-Old Set On Fire For Resisting Rape, Dies

Meanwhile here is another tear jerker. Everytime I come across stories like this I wonder, has this always been the situation (not just in India) and we are just catching on now because of the free flow of information or is there some kind of rape pandemic sweeping across the globe?


An 11-year-old girl who was set on fire during an attempted rape in eastern India has died of her injuries eastern India.11-Yr-Old Set On Fire For Resisting Rape, Dies

The girl was admitted to a government-run hospital in Kolkata with critical burns after the incident in Howrah district on Wednesday.

On Saturday, the police arrested an 18-year-old suspect. He and an accomplice, who is still being sought, were named by the victim.

Police said the suspects allegedly attempted to rape the girl outside her home.

11-Yr-Old Set On Fire For Resisting Rape, Dies

When she resisted and threatened to reveal his identity, the 18-year-old poured kerosene over her and set her on fire.

However, the suspect told investigators that his accomplice had poured the kerosene and set her ablaze. Police are currently trying to verify his claim, Howrah police spokesman Jayeeta Bose said.

Activists say attacks on women and girls continue unabated in India despite new anti-rape laws, and blame police laxity in preventing such crimes.

Sexual violence has been a focus of attention since the fatal gang rape of a student on a bus in New Delhi last December triggered mass protests.

 Culled from news.naij.com


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