Woman Bites 9year Old Maid’s Private Parts

In Nigeria child abuse is routinely called “home training.” I hope this “madam” gets put away for a while so she can cool off.

The story leaves many questions unanswered though. For instance, what circumstances led to this kind of behavior from the madam? The child reported being scalded with hot water several times previously. Again, what excuse did the madam use? How did she come to be in custody of the child? What so-called dangerous weapons were used to inflict the other injuries?  Answers to these questions would have provided a fuller picture for us readers.



At the Onitsha Chief Magistrate Court, Chiamaka , a mother of two, was arraigned by the police yesterday for savagely biting her  nine-year-old maid all over the body, including her private part.

Chiamaka, who hails from Eziagu in Enugu State, was arraigned in suit number MO/38/2013 for allegedly inflicting bodily harm on her maid, Nnenna Nwafor, on  July 25 when she allegedly used dangerous weapons and her teeth to inflict injuries on the girl.

The Police Prosecution counsel, Mr. Uwakwe Okoji, told the court that the crime was committed at No 7 Udemba Street, Woliwo Onitsha.

He described the act as not only evil, but also one of man’s inhumanity to man. He equally told the court that  the husband of the suspect had since sent her out of his house because of the act, while praying the court to look into the matter with a view to bringing the suspect to justice.

The victim’s mother who is a widow amidst tears told the court that she never knew that the injuries on her daughter were so serious until when she(victim) removed her pant and she noticed that she had a very serious cut in her private part.

The victim, Nnenna, while narrating her after the court session, painted a gory picture of what she passed through in the hands of her mistress. She said that on several occasions, her mistress had poured hot water on her, and attacked her with  dangerous weapons on some other occasions.

She further disclosed how her mistress forced her down and ordered her to open her legs before biting her severally in her private part, after inflicting same on her buttocks and other parts of her body.

The presiding Magistrate, Mr. M A Okonkwo, said he was dumbfounded over the incident, adding that he never believed that a woman, who had passed through pains of childbirth, could inflict this type of injuries on a daughter of a fellow woman and ordered the suspect to be remanded in prison custody.


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