Tragic: Man stabs pregnant wife over failure to bear male child

I guess the folks at MTN will now have a better understanding of why their “mama na boy!” advert of a few years ago rubbed feminist and human rights groups across Nigeria the wrong way.

May her soul rest in peace.


by Chisom Ukaegbu


The Ondo State Police division has apprehended a man for allegedly killing his pregnant wife.  The 48-year-old man allegedly attacked her over her for failure to bear him a male child.

The deceased, 46, simply identified as Mama Feyi, was heavily pregnant when she was allegedly stabbed to death by the husband during an early morning dispute.

Reports say the alleged murderer who hails from Abusoro area in Akure, Ondo State, has since been arrested and is presently being detained at the Ala divisional police station.

Eye witness accounts say the suspect has been having a running battle with his deceased wife for over two years shortly after the woman gave birth to their fourth daughter.

Sources say trouble began a month ago before the brutal murder when the husband complained aloud that his deceased wife is incapable of bearing him a male child and the incident led to a fierce altercation between the couple.

Shocked neighbours expressed disbelief at the death of mama Feyi when one of their next door neighbour, Mr. Isijola, said he was awakened by loud arguments coming from their room very early in the morning.

“I ignored them as it is a norm for them to always argue and have altercations,” a neighbour named Isijola, said.  “I decided to ignore them at first but when the noise was getting unbearable, I stepped into their room only to find the lifeless body of the woman on the floor, lying in the pool of her blood. I saw the man holding a knife and he threatened to stab me if I don’t leave.”

“It was when I discovered that he may abscond that I alerted the police who immediately came to arrest him.”

Naratting the incident, daughter of the deceased, Feyisara, said, “It all started on Sunday after my mummy had cooked rice. She asked me to go and collect money from my father to prepare stew and on getting to him, he started shouting. But he later gave me N500 which my mum refused to collect. They both argued and had a fight. I had to make a distress call to neighbours to settle the dispute”.

According to the daughter of the deceased, “the quarrel started at about 6am when my mum asked him to give her some money for her ante-natal but he refused. They started fighting and before we knew it, daddy brought out a knife and stabbed mummy to death.”


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