Anthony Weiner, wife Huma almost split over new ‘sexts’: friend

NOBODY wants to be the object of another’s pity. Certainly no spouse would want to find themselves in a situation where people are privy to your partner’s foolishness on an international scale. So when men in positions of great power go out of their way to do the daft, what I can’t help wondering is “what were you thinking?!”

Take Weiner for example. Recent events have shown that the first scandal taught him absolutely NOTHING. The recent discoveries of his foolhardiness continue to send the message across that he has absolutely no respect for his wife or her feelings and also thinks he can do bloody well whatever he likes and still come out smelling roses! I sure hope New Yorkers prove him wrong on that score.

I do not live in New York but if I did I would not want for a Mayor a man with the emotional maturity of a 16 year old; a man who has a strange  compulsion to photograph his private parts and post such pictures in cyber space to be eternally gawked at by God-knows-who. This man has single- handedly made himself the butt of dirty jokes for a while to come (with a name like Weiner that should not be too difficult to achieve!) But even if he had not succeeded in thoroughly ridiculing his wife, I would still say this dude should not hold electoral office. Why? He tells stupid lies. Yes. There are lies and there are lies. ALL Politicians lie. But on average they try to tell intelligent believable lies which show a certain degree of respect for the intelligence of those being lied to! In this case, this dude could not even be bothered to think up a meaningful lie (“I have changed” when there are pictures on the internet proving you have not doesn’t quite cut it!)

I think his wife Huma will soon feel humiliated enough to call it quits.

Not only is this creep painfully ugly, inside and out, there appears to be sumfin clearly wrong with him on a very fundamental level. Pity she did not see it before walking in. If she does decide to stay however, as currently seems to be the case, I am still in her corner. He IS her husband and its okay to play good wife. That said, should he be allowed to hold public office again? Hell no! My take.


A friend of Huma Abedin says she remained in the dark until last fall, when the New York mayoral hopeful admitted to his latest Internet sexcapades. ‘It was an ugly time,’ said the confidante. ‘She was furious. Her inclination was to leave.’


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Huma Abedin has put on a happy face during the latest scandal involving her husband, Anthony Weiner, but a pal says she was ready to end the marriage.

Anthony Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, was blindsided by her husband’s return to sexting — and nearly ended their marriage last fall because of it, a close friend revealed Wednesday.

Abedin thought Weiner had put his scandalous behavior behind him when they sat for a glowing People magazine profile in July 2012, the friend said.

“It took a lot of work to get to where we are today, but I want people to know we’re a normal family,” the profile quoted Abedin as saying.

Yet that month, Weiner began his new online relationship, sending lewd messages and photos with a woman half his age — the same creepy conduct that forced him to resign from Congress a year earlier.


The friend said Abedin remained in the dark until sometime last fall, when Weiner admitted to his new Internet sexcapades.

“It was an ugly time,” said the confidante. “She was furious. Her inclination was to leave.”

The famously private Abedin stood with Weiner at a news conference Tuesday when he acknowledged the new sexting scandal. She said her husband made “some terrible mistakes both before he resigned from Congress and after.”

As her husband Anthony Weiner's sex scandal continues to unravel, Huma Abedin has written an exclusive essay for Harper's Bazaar's September issue.


As her husband Anthony Weiner’s sex scandal continues to unravel, Huma Abedin has written an exclusive essay for Harper’s Bazaar‘s September issue.

But she did not disclose when she learned of his new discretions, or how she reacted to the revelations.


According to her friend, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, Abedin understood her husband’s sexting compulsion wouldn’t be over the minute he left Congress in June 2011.

But by last summer, Abedin thought they were on the road to repair as a couple, the friend said.

The friend was not sure why Weiner finally ‘fessed up to Abedin last fall.

“I assume because he was trying to beat this, and knew that’s part of the process,” the friend said.


Abedin recognizes that New Yorkers may not understand why she is standing by her man, but she thinks they need “to understand it better from her perspective.”

New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner spoke at a news conference alongside his wife, Huma Abedin, on Tuesday, saying he wasn't dropping out of the race in light of newly revealed explicit online correspondence with a young woman.


New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner spoke at a news conference alongside his wife, Huma Abedin, on Tuesday, saying he wasn’t dropping out of the race in light of newly revealed explicit online correspondence with a young woman.

The friend said it was Abedin’s decision to make her own statement at the news conference, when she declared, “I love him. I have forgiven him. I believe in him.”

That language matches an essay Abedin recently submitted to Harper’s Bazaar. The magazine rushed to post an excerpt online, under the headline “The Good Wife,” after the new sexting scandal erupted Tuesday.

“I love my husband, I love my city, and I believe in what he wants to do for the people of New York,” Abedin wrote.


Abedin spent Wednesday secluded in the couple’s Park Ave. South apartment, working.

“She’s not fine and she’s not in good spirits,” the friend said.

“No one‘s fine when they go through this. But the emotional part of this was last fall.”

“She feels badly for the young people who volunteered for Anthony,” the friend said, adding, “I don‘t think you‘re going to see her out there every day. She‘s probably going to take it kind of easy [on the campaign trail].”


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