Monitoring and Documentation of Economic and Social Rights Violations in Mbayion Community of Benue State, site of Benue Cement Company

LAYWERS ALERT is also looking for volunteers to work on this project in the community

Lawyers Alert

Lawyers Alert has commenced the above project in Benue State, project location being the community hosting the Benue Cement Company.

The project which commenced six weeks ago is to:

1) view the negative effects of cement production through human rights lens
2) conduct consultations in the affected community in order to assess their most critical needs
3) document and monitor ESR violations related to cement production within the framework of national law, national and international human rights norms, and corporate accountability standards, where applicable.
4) Gather findings in a detailed report on the violations and the obligations of the state and BCC to address them.

The Mbayion Community have for long suffered untold environmental degradation and pollution over the years with the corporate entity (BCC) not doing much to ameliorate the challenges probably owing to the inability of the community to scientifically and technically push for adequate responsibility from BCC…

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