“She is my princess, not your conquest”: Afrobeat legend, Femi Kuti lays out 10 rules for dating his daughter

Funny enough all men feel this way toward other men in regard to their daughters. It does not stop them playing tag with women’s hearts and treating them the exact way they want nobody to treat their own daughters though!



Afrobeat superstar, Femi Kuti was spotted wearing a customized T-shirt with a list at the back.

The 10 rules a man must follow before he dates his daughter.

Check them out below;

1) Get A Job

2) Understand I dont Like You

3) I’M Everywhere

4) You Hurt Her, I Hurt You

5) Be Home 30 Minutes Early

6) Get A Lawyer

7) If You Lie to Me, I will Find Out

8) She is my Princess, Not your Conquest

9) I dont Mind Going Back to Jail

10) Whatever You do to Her, I will do to you.

(I think I have across such a list somewhere though)

We are really not sure about the appropriateness of the tenth rule though. Did he really mean ‘Whatever’? Uncle Femi has to watch it, we hear there’s a law against it.


Culled from ynaija.com

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