Big Brother Africa (BBA) Housemate, Betty, Might Be Jailed Six Years for Having Sex on the Big Brother Africa Show

For those who think the most successful strategy for winning the Big Brother show is hopping into bed with the first stranger you meet in the house within days, you might be needing a rethink. Or better still, just ask Betty Aberra(tion? LOL! just kidding) of Ethiopia and Bolt of Sierra Leone how they are faring barely a month after giving the world free porn in the BBA house.

For one thing, they have both been kicked out (lesson: the free show did not make em more popular than those who opted for celibacy), for another thing, Betty might be getting into some big trouble now that she is back in her country. Apparently the lawyers in Ethiopia were rather miffed by her conduct (namely public sex) while in the house. Additionally she might not make any money from endorsements either. Companies are being called upon to boycott her.

This is where I may be needing help from my learned brothers and sisters in Nigeria. If public sex is an offense in Ethiopia and an Ethiopian commits such a crime in another land, is it still a crime since it was committed outside the country? Or are these lawyers just being busy bodies?

Maybe they would have been more forgiving if she had at least won something. Alas…anywho…

Answers please.




Big Brother Africa’s Ethiopian representative, Betty Aberra might be in trouble with Ethiopian law for public sex.

According to reports, some lawyers in her home country are getting set to sue the housemate because she had sex in the Big Brother house with fellow BBA housemate Bolt from Sierra Leon three days after the show began.

According to a local radio show in Ethiopia called Ethiopikalink, if Betty is convicted, she could face up to six years in prison as it is an offense to have sex in public in the country. The lawsuit is not the only thing Betty is facing since leaving the BBA House, she’s also facing nationwide condemnation from groups who have asked the media and companies to boycott her.



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