Megan Good Responds to Indecent Dress Backlash by Publicizing Approving Tweet from Fan (who may be a woman of the night for all we know!)

This woman is NOT the pastor. Her husband is. They attended the event together so he obviously saw nothing wrong with the attire, which tells me there is something very flawed about his take on modesty!

In Christianity, the key word regarding a woman’s appearance is “modesty.” That said, by no standards,religious or social, anywhere in the world, can Megan‘s dress be described as such. Additionally, men are exhorted to avoid lustful thoughts. We know that much of such thoughts are spurred on by what the eye sees. I wonder how many men Megan successfully led to “commit adultery” with her in their imagination that evening.

For those of us who are fond Church hopping, please beware. A large number of some of these so-called pastors know very little about God or the gospel they claim to propagate and most of them actually teach people the wrong thing.

Any pastor who thinks this is okay for a Christian woman, never mind his own wife, to wear out in public, needs to take that pastor’s course afresh.



Stunning Hollywood actress Megan Good is married to Seventh Day Adventist preacher, Devon Franklin, so people were kinda surprised by what she wore to the BET Awards this past Sunday – a cleavage baring, extremely low cut gown. The actress has been catching heat since the outing from those who believe it’s an inappropriate dress for a preacher’s wife to wear.

Megan took to social media to respond to the backlash. Continue…

Megan didn’t address the issue directly, instead she posted a letter of support from one of her fans.

As far as the husband doesn’t mind…everyone else’s opinion kinda don’t matter, right?

Culled from Linda Ikeji’s blog

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