Girl’s Dead Body Dug Out From Grave and Sexually Assaulted

I have heard of necrophilia but this is taking the matter to a whole new low.


4 July, 2013

In a shocking incident, unidentified men allegedly sexually assaulted a girl’s dead body, digging it out from a grave, hours after her burial in Gujranwala district of Pakistan‘s Punjab province.

Police said the girl, a grade-VI student, was electrocuted while taking a bath in her house in Qila Dedar Singh on Tuesday and she was subsequently buried at a graveyard in Gujranwala district, about 80 kilometres from here, later in the evening.

Early this morning when the members of the girl’s family went to the graveyard to offer fateha (prayer) they found her body lying near the grave.

They held a demonstration and blocked the road for several hours to protest against the desecration of the body.

Senior police officers reached there and assured the family that the culprits would not escape punishment.

The police also took the gravedigger into custody.

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