“I don’t use condoms”: Man infects 15-year-old boy with HIV, then brags about it on Facebook

I just hope he rots in jail.


by Rachel Ogbu


Keith “Keyoko” Sumlin has been jailed after sleeping with a 15-year old boy

and infecting him with HIV on purpose.

Sumlin was charged with attempted murder and criminal transmission of the

AIDS virus.  According to the police in Pembroke Pines, Florida, the man then

allegedly bragged about his actions on Facebook.

According to reports, the boy told his mother that the two men slept together and

that he later heard that he was HIV-positive.   The mother took her son to the hospital

for an HIV test, and that’s where he found out that he is now positive.

YourBlackWorld reports:

Before they had intercourse, police say that the man lied and said that he was 21.

But he then asked the boy, “Are you really 18 years old?”

When the boy told him “no,” the man allegedly asked, “Are you 17?”  That’s when

the boy said “Younger.”

In spite of the age differential, the man then proceeded to have unprotected

intercourse with the boy. He met the defendant on a mobile phone app and

the man invited him to his home.

A friend told the boy that Sumlin “has a secret Facebook page wherein he posts

videos of himself engaging in a__l sex with males that appear to be under the age of 18,”

according to the police report.

The police have confirmed that such videos do exist, and Pembroke Pines detective

Michael Silver says that he saw the videos himself.

“I f—ed this little boy, videotaped it and added it to the online group,” Sumlin said

in the video, according to the police report. “And I don’t use condoms when I have

sex and you call me sick, don’t worry about me, worry about who gave it to them.”

Sumlin is now in the Broward County Jail.


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