Teenagers arrested after ‘decapitating homeless man they disliked and using his head as a football’

I think its becoming clear to me that the army needs to be more meticulous with recruitment especially when going to war which is the only situatio where I feel these young men.s talents might be required,

Anywho, “might get 15 years if convicted” does not feel me up with feelings of comfort and joy. Are the prisons brimming over perhaps? Or is this happening just because the murdered guy was a nobody? Such degree of sociopathy should be dealt with firmly I say. Lock em up and trow the key away so we can live in peace knowing that another set fo dregs have been taken off the streets,


  • Teenagers allegedly came across man when drunk
  • Police followed trail of blood back to their flat


Two Russian teenagers have been arrested after allegedly decapitating a homeless man whom they had taken a dislike to.

The attackers are said to have used the man’s head as a football before leaving it in a rubbish bin.

They were taken into custody by police who followed a trail of blood from the victim’s body to their flat in eastern Moscow.

Inside, they found an axe and saw believed to have been used in the killing, while the whole flat was covered in blood.

Murder: Two teenagers allegedly killed a homeless man in Moscow (pictured) because they took a dislike to himMurder: Two teenagers allegedly killed a homeless man in Moscow because they took a dislike to him


The two teenagers had been drinking and attacked the man because they did not like the look of him, according to the Moscow Investigative Committee.

They used knives as well as the saw and axe to kill the vagrant, before one of them cut off his head and mutilated it as three other teenagers looked on.

The youths played football with the head and kicked it into a bin, then returned home leaving the man’s body, according to Komsomolskaya Pravda.

 When police found the decapitated corpse they simply followed the blood back to the flat of the alleged killers.

The bin containing the victim’s head appeared to have been taken away by a garbage truck, making it impossible to identify the man.

The suspects could face up to 15 years in prison if they are convicted of murder.

A spokesman for the Investigative Committee denied that the teenagers had used the head as a football, but said that the investigation was still ongoing.


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