The Curious Case of Omotola’s US TV Debut

LOL! My sentiments exactly. I love the babe’s acting but kai! Lately she has worn me down with her over appearance. Make she take am easy abeg. Na wetin?


by SK Johnson


At what point did we begin to buy into the notion that Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde

is the best thing since french fries? (French fries trump sliced bread, by the way,

just in case you were wondering). I mean, “Omosexy” herself clearly believes it

but I’m genuinely curious as to when exactly the general public swallowed up the

cheese like starving mice. The past few months have seen a number of steady but

precisely-aimed attempts at further convincing the public of the Nollywood actress’


First there was her Reality Show, which we won’t even begin to get into now as we

would probably spend the whole day attempting to analyse what exactly it was we

watched in an attempt to see Omotola reveal “The Real Me.”


It was all a bit curious, to say the least, but hey, stranger things have happened.

We followed Omotola (via her Instagram and Twitter, of course) all the way to

the United States, observing her palpable glee  in meeting and rubbing shoulders

with Hollywood Royalty, among other folk.  Seriously, she looked like an excited

little schoolgirl let loose in a life-size dollhouse, but who can blame her?

Omotola-Donald-Glover-600x597 527d1d3b92a3c3d8efe223023e95479c

This was followed by multiple appearances at events across the US.

Omotola-Jalade-Ekeinde-May-2013-BellaNaija02-399x600 omotola-jalade-ekeinde-celebrities-attend-the-20th_3657072

Fans were ecstatic. Finally, the world was being shown what a true star looked like.

They would finally get a chance to appreciate that famous behind of hers.

Others grumbled, however. The old woman was at it again, they said.

Chasing fame around the globe while her husband and kids were neglected.

Blah blah blah, you know how it goes. Omosexy of course ignored all this and

kept it moving with a smile and a wave of her luxurious and shiny weave.

This of course was all after announcements had been made earlier in the year

about the star making her Hollywood debut in a TV Series called Bounce.

She was even kind enough to share pictures from the set.

Omotola makes her US TV debut2 Omotola makes her US TV debut

Fans were, as you can imagine, over the moon. Finally Nollywood would be

exposed to the whole world, via the ample hips and acting talents of Omotola.

Haters were infuriated. Who did this talentless woman have to sleep with to

get a Hollywood role? Some were more ambivalent. Omotola who? And why

should I care? But once more Omotola kept it moving. Amping up publicity

for her appearance increasingly, as the date approached. The case even seemed

to be that everything she had done since the beginning of the year had been

leading up to this. Before we knew it, the D-Day was upon us. Omotola, in all

her benevolence, reminded us via a tweet


So imagine our surprise when we realized the much hyped debut was in fact,

not that lenghty. *Sigh* Oh Omotola. Perhaps we’ve drunk the Kool-Aid as well,

and bought into the hype, but we can’t help thinking she’s a tad above this sorta thing.

Then again, she did tell us not to despise the days of small beginnings. Ah well,

without further ado, we present to you, Omotola’s debut on US Television.

In all of it’s 5-secondglory…

One thought on “The Curious Case of Omotola’s US TV Debut

  1. I really do not understand why we have decided to neglect God and go in search of fame and wealth, forgetting that someday, we will all die and take nothing with us. Well, I just want to commend her husband, *him de try*

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