Church Minister Arrested For Having Sex With Underage Girls During “Private Prayer Sessions”

Stories like this one are far too common and make members of the fairer sex seem a tad bit daft if you ask me. Do you not read your bible enough to know what it say about fornication never mind with a man of the cloth (who is probably married as well)?

Why are women not being more assertive in saying “no” to these sleaze balls and just walking out? What is going on? Last year, I saw this horrendous video of a woman who was being savagely ravaged by a “man of God” who had told her to chant God’s name through the process while he tried to get her pregnant.

There she lay, rather large, legs waving about in the air, eyes tightly shut and mouthing incantations while this stick-thin lout jerked away on top of her. At a point he pauses for a short while, collects something in a polythene bag, stuffs it into her body and continues slamming away! Even at the point where whatever it was was being pushed into her, this woman never opened her eyes for even one moment. Haba!

The story below is similar but this time its under-aged girls. Na wa. God done suffer for people hands abeg!




A church minister has been accused of having sex with underage girls.

According to reports, the minister, Larry Durant, would tell the girls that the sex acts he performed on them would prevent them from getting pregnant and becoming homosexuals. He also allegedly tells them that being sexual with him would prevent them from contracting sexually-related diseases.

The grandmother of one of the alleged victims talks about their obliviousness to the shocking act going on;

“We thought he was really talking to the children, but find out that wasn’t the case,” she said. “All I want is justice done, that’s all. Justice done,”

Police reports revealed that this criminal act began in 2011.


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One thought on “Church Minister Arrested For Having Sex With Underage Girls During “Private Prayer Sessions”

  1. Devaan, like you opined both women and clergies are becoming impossible to understand on the context of christianity. God help us.

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