The time to leave the abusive relationship is BEFORE marriage. It’s usually easier that way although sadly even in such circumstances some of these animals still go out of their way to look for and inflict major damage on the woman, and sometimes even on close friends and family as well. God save us all.

I wish special laws would be crafted to deal specially with situations of domestic abuse. The truth is, after seeing the state this woman is in, I don’t even want to know what she did that led to this. This is animalistic and inhuman. And the chap was actually able to get two other deluded clowns to accompany him and carry this out.

Wow. What a world.


Police in Ondo State are on the trail of an ex-police officer, Tajudeen Adeniyi, over an attempt to kill his wife, Moyosola, by macheting her.. The 38-year-old suspect took to his heels immediately after he inflicted the injury on his wife who has  had four children for him.
CAUTION! Graphic Picture.

Consequently, the Police have combed the houses of his friends and family members to no avail.
Narrating her ordeal to newsmen on her hospital bed, yesterday, Moyosola said her husband abandoned the house for another woman since November 2012. Moyosola explained that after the husband abandoned her she took their four children to their hometown in Ogotun-Ekiti.
She alleged that her husband invaded her apartment at Plaza area of Akure at about 11 p.m on Wednesday and attacked her. According to her, the husband forced the door of the room open with a pestle and attacked her with a cutlass, bottle and club.
She also alleged that her husband, who was accompanied by two other men, inflicted several  machete cuts on her head and neck, leading to a massive loss of blood.
Investigations reveal that Adeniyi has gone underground following the hint he got that the family of the wife had reported the incident to the Police.
The doctor treating Moyosola, Dr. Matthew Adeyeri, told newsmen that the gash on her head is 12 centimetres deep. He noted that it was sheer providence that she survived the attack. According to him, “if the cut inflicted on the woman’s neck had been as deep as the one on her head, she would have died before getting to the hospital. The state’s Police image maker, Wole Ogodo, said men of the command were on the trail of the suspect for attempted murder.

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