Guy Insults Peter’s Baby Mama Lola Omotayo On Twitter

A couple of days ago I put up a story featuring one of the P square duo asking people to leave his woman alone. He went further to say she had been particularly supportive of him before he hit it big (that means they have been together a while) and he would appreciate people to respect their relationship and leave it there.

Well, he just stirred the hornet’s nest.

Soon after that some person went for an all out attack on Peter’s baby mama on Twitter. The place where she fall my hand be say she deigned to reply. My strategy for such people is just blocking, kpam! I got no time to trade insults with anyone on any platform. M grown.

But…different strokes for different folks.


Some people can be mean, though. And this happened after Lola’s interview where she talked about her relationship with Peter.
Their chat continues after the cut



Culled from Laila’s blog


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