Woman Raped in Police Cell Sues for N750 Million Worth of Damages

Haba! We are supposed to run to the Police when things like this happen. How can they choose to turn a blind eye?

The victim will probably will NOT get the full amount but I sure hope she gets something. Way to go girl. I hope other women take a cue from this and learn to SPEAK UP each time this happens. Maybe if enough women stop keeping quiet there will be a change.

Unfortunately the story is very sketchy and no details are given as to how she ended up in a cell with 2 men and what led to the demotion of the officers.

Pele abeg. Make una manage. I did not originate the story.


by Rachel Ogbu


A police inspector, a policeman and a station guard were all demoted

recently after a woman was raped in the cell she was kept with two men

at the Abraka police station in Benin.

11 Police officers were caught up in the rape saga from Zone 5

Police Command in Benin. The inspector, Erebi Akporunor, was demoted

to the rank of Sergeant and the two men who were said to have raped

Esse Ozegbe are now standing trial at a magistrate’s court in Abraka.

According to reports, Ozegbe was arrested on February 26, 2013,

following a quarrel with a neighbour, was said to have been detained

along with some men at the Abraka Police station, Delta State, where

two of them were said to have raped her in turns, while the policemen

allegedly turned a deaf ear to her cries for help.

She is now suing for N750 million damages against the Nigeria Police and

a hearing has been fixed for June 13.


Culled from ynaija.com


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