Woman Jailed 5 Years For Biting, Chewing and Swallowing Neighbour’s Ear

When it comes to acts of extreme violence, men often take the cake but a good number of women are valiantly struggling to catch up. Take this particular case for instance, what on earth would possess anyone to react the way this woman did? Sadly, the reporter gives us not background or any other info about the circumstances leading up to the fight and what state the victim currently is in. We are not even told if said victim was male or female.

Though her vile ways are repulsive enough, it did not stop her husband getting her pregnant and handing the baby over to her TO RAISE IN JAIL.


by Rachel Ogbu


It’s been three years since Blessing Edet bit the ear of her neighbour,

Edidiong Edet, chewed on it and swallowed the same in a fight reminiscent

of the Tyson/Holyfield match.

Blessing Edet has now been sentenced to five years for cannibalism by the

Itu High Court in Itu Local Government Area, Akwa Ibom State.

According to reports, the presiding judge, Justice Godwin Abraham,

condemned the act by Edet, describing it as barbaric. He warned her to

desist from criminal activities.

Abraham said Blessing committed the offence and caused grievous bodily

harm to the victim contrary to Section 344 of the Criminal Code 2000

Law of Akwa Ibom State.

“This honourable court, hereby sentences the accused person,

Mrs. Blessing Edet, to a five-year jail term as a first offender.

This will serve as a deterrent to others,” he said.


The Punch reports:

Edet and Edidiong were living in the same house at

Enen Afaha Itam area of the state.

The convict remained impassive during the proceedings

and after the judgement. Her husband, Ifiok, handed their

one-year-old baby to Blessing to serve prison term with her.


Culled from ynaija.com



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