The State of Toilets at NTA 5 Victoria Island, Lagos


Sanitary conditions in most public restrooms (outside hotels and private homes) in Nigeria generally tend to leave a lot to be desired. They are more often than not, completely unhygienic and filthy. This can be readily traced back to the general lack of an effective public water supply system, compounded by a totally non existent town planning strategy.

There once was a time in Nigeria when your building plans had to be to be drawn by a qualified architect to be approved by the town planning authorities. Soak away systems were properly networked and built in such a way that underground water sources were not polluted.  That is all history in most parts of the country. I think the Federal Capital Territory is still trying to conform but I can’t be sure.

What happened?

Corruption got instituted and made a home for itself in our land when unpatriotic rulers got their evil hands on the reins of power.

Take the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) for instance. I served there and ended up working with some of the best brains in journalism in the country. Arguable you say? I say please do NOT judge the staff by the quality of reportage you get to watch on the late night news. The organization was established as a propaganda tool for government and frequently has its uses but on the whole has NOT been able to deliver on its mandate as watchdog of the society. That, however is a story for another day. Anyway, I digress.

I got the opportunity of a lifetime working with legends like Cyril Stober, Eygenia Abu, Nansel Nimyel, Iyorhen Kwange, Peter Igho, to name a very few. I am proud of that.

I gained name recognition as a result of yeas of service put into work at NTA and work, I did. It is not an organization for lazy people. Whatever successes I have attained since leaving can be traced right back to the discipline and work ethic I was forced to develop within the time spent there. I loved working there and count my blessings even after leaving.

However, NTA like other government organizations has had its fair share of corrupt “rulers” in the persons of Directors General (DGs) whose only desire was to pander to the whims and caprices of every presidential Media SA or Minister of Information. And perhaps rightly so.

The 9. o clock news is avidly monitored and even a mispronounced name of one big oga can lead to a transfer to Wannune! The DGs have absolutely no freedom whatsoever to do their work decisively and some end up just “looking after” themselves to the detriment of the organization.

Visit any NTA station across Nigeria. Portacabins are an identity tag.

The story is told of a certain DG of NTA who got money at the same time as the DG of FRCN in the same year to build each organizations’ headquarters. While one ended up leaving the tallest and most distiguished edifice in Abuja for a long time, another ran around and purchased portacabins which were strategically placed in all NTA stations across Nigeria. He was never called to account.

To this day the NTA “premanent site” is uncompleted. The one very close to the main road at area 11that everybody knows, is NOT the permanent site.

Now you know.

This seed of corruption has not died though of course not just NTA is affected. It is a NIGERIA problem.

Why this tirade?

A couple of pictures I got from Linda Ikeji’s blog claiming to show the state of toilets at NTA Ch. 5 in Lagos left me feeling decidedly weak. But not weak enough to NOT be able to say, it is probably true.

At the facility in Abuja Hq (I can’t speak for the state of the of those at Old Parade ground) the situation is better but not fantastic.

Something needs to be done and fast. This is just not right.

I speak for my colleagues who can’t for fear f losing their jobs or being ostracized or “disciplined” in one way or another. I feel your pain guys, because at heart, I will always be one of you.



This is one of the toilets at Nigerian Television Authority – NTA2 Channel 5 in Victoria Island.



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