Cross River Deputy Governor Orders Wife to Kneel Down And Apologize to Pimp-Aide

I have always known marrying a big man no be child’s play but this crosses the boundaries of humiliating to something else (I am yet to think up a more apt word for the situation). Anyway we all know these things happen. Small price to pay for being second lady shay? Babe pele abeg.
Mr Efiok Cobham, the Cross River State deputy governor startled his household recently when he commanded his wife, Glory to kneel down and apologize to his protocol officer, Asikpo Okon for allegedly claiming that the protocol officer was in the habit of arranging girls for his boss.
A reliable source said Efiok’s wife and Asikpo have been having running battles since 2011 when, the erstwhile Cross River Broadcasting Cooperation, CRBC correspondent who was covering the government house was said to be having a relationship with the deputy governor.”Oga was very angry with his wife when she confronted Asikpo over the relationship between the deputy governor and the CRBC girl that is covering his office”.
Our source said Asikpo who is a relative of Efiok had immediately gone to tell his boss his wife’s claim that he was now arranging the CRBC girl for him and the deputy governor angrily called on the wife and commanded her to kneel down and apologize to Asikpo or kiss the marriage goodbye “Madam felt bitterly humiliated but she had no choice than to kneel down and apologize instead of ending the marriage because she saw the anger and seriousness on oga’s face.”
Glory who has since the second coming of Efiok as deputy governor, been keeping low profile even when her husband was made Acting Governor following his principal’s sojourn in the United States for four months, has been loudly complaining to her friends and relatives that she and her husband have not been having the best of times.
According to sources, the woman has for some time been suspecting her husband of betraying their marital vows by frolicking with ladies and some of his female media aides during his frequent travels and she claims that she could not believe Asikpo who knew the difficult times she and Efiok went through before 1999 could stab her in the back by arranging ladies for her husband despite the fact that she stuck with the man all through.
 by crossriverwatch admin


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