27 year old Man Claims he is Bill Clinton’s Love Child…Wants to Meet Him

I could be wrong but the young man looks black to me (i.e mixed race).

Well Clinton never earned any medals for staying true to Hillary but this?! It just blows the Monica Lewinsky scandal to nothingness doesn’t it? At least with Monica they never got to the point of actual copulation but the thought that a former Governor in the United States had so little concern for his wife that he could have unprotected sex with a hooker is completely mind boggling to me. That said, the woman IS (or was) a hooker. How did she come to the conclusion that out of her numerous customers, Bill fathered this fellow?

Plus I just love some people’s confidence abeg! See how the dude proudly proclaims his mom was a hooker then proceeds to pose for a photo with her that is now all over the internet.

Anyway, dear Bill, pay this woman and her son off (I suspect it might be too late now) cause I have a fear Hillary could leave you after this particular stunt. I am not sure anybody likes this level of international humiliation. Don’t think Chelsea will be all filled up with warm thoughts of you right now either. Just saying.


A 27-year-old man, Danney Lee Williams Jr from Arkansas is claiming he is Bill Clinton’s secret son.

From Globe Magazine

Bill Clinton has a secret son he fathered with a hooker – and the now 27-year-old young man is desperate to meet his biological dad.

In a bombshell exclusive interview, Danney Lee Williams Jr., the love child the then-governor of Arkansas conceived with ‘working girl’ Bobbie Ann Williams, tells GLOBE he fears Clinton, 66, who’s battling heart disease and also suffers from Parkinson’s, will pass away before they can meet.

“I read he doesn’t have long to live and I want to meet him face to face before he dies,” says Danney, who lives in Little Rock Ark.

“I just want to shake his hand and say, “Hi Dad,’ before he dies. I’d like to have a relationship with Chelsea, too. She’s my half-sister.”

Danney also wants Clinton to acknowledge and meet his five children, who he says are the former President’s only grandchildren and range in age from 10 years to just 4 months old.

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