Mother Rushed Daughter to A&E… to Have Dog Poo wiped off her shoe

A British mom who obviously felt too posh to wipe dog poo off her child’s shoe chose to do what any right thinking person would do…rush her to the Accidents & Emergencies ward of the first available hospital. Yes the dear woman saw the situation as an emergency which only trained nurses would be able to handle.


  • Local councillor has said that she was ‘irresponsible’ to bother casualty
  • Commented on the additional pressures hospital have been facing
  • Hospital struggling to cope with extra patients from 111 helpline



A woman who took her daughter to A&E because her daughter got dog mess on her shoe has been branded as ‘irresponsible’.

As Whittington Hospital, North London, struggles to cope with more admissions since the launch of the 111 non-emergency helpline, the unnamed mother was criticised for wasting doctors’ time.

Councillor Martin Klute, chairman of the hospital’s local scrutiny committee, said casualty staff should be able to spend their time treating people with real health issues.

Diversions: Ambulances were turned away and sent to other hospitals no fewer than 357 times in 2012/13 - up almost a quarter on the previous year
The woman rushed her daughter to Accident and Emergency as she had dog dirt on her shoe

He said: ‘The thing with these kind of cases is the time-wasting it causes.

‘I’m lost to explain why someone should behave as stupidly as that. That sort of behaviour is irresponsible and is causing a rise in numbers.

‘They are taking up the time of doctors who could be seeing people with serious problems.’

Cllr Martin Klute criticised the women for being irresponsible and wasting the time of A&E staffCllr Martin Klute criticised the women for being irresponsible and wasting the time of A&E staff

He added that hospitals have been struggling to deal with the fallout after 111 was introduced.

Whittington Hospital is missing national targets for dealing with patients amid an 11.5% hike in visits.

The hospital met national targets of dealing with 95% of patients within four hours last year.

But since the new phone line started last month the hospital has seen an increase of 50 admissions per day, up from 250 in 2012.

Cllr Klute, chair of Islington Council’s health scrutiny committee, said: ‘The people who are answering calls on the helpline are not medical professionals, they are administrators.

‘And so you get people turning up to A&E for things they shouldn’t.

‘It’s incredibly risky.’

In April, the hospital was seeing 92.85% of people within four hours.

Figures for the end of May show the hospital was in the bottom five of NHS trusts across London for the target, 19th out of 22.

A Whittington Hospital spokesman said six extra staff have now been drafted in to A&E.

He said: ‘We will always assess and treat people who come to our emergency department.

Whittington Hospital has struggled to maintain past standards since the 111 helpline was launched
Accident and Emergency departments have seen a rise in admissions of people who have trivial complaints

‘However, patients are advised to only visit the unit if they feel it is a genuine emergency.

‘Non-emergency conditions can successfully be treated by other healthcare providers, such as GPs and pharmacists.

‘We would advise all patients to ensure they are registered with a local GP to ensure that the right treatment can be delivered by the most appropriate health care provider.’


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