Woman Receives Acid Bath From Boyfriend After Break Up

This story just goes to show that if you are in an abusive relationship and desire to break it off (as you rightly should), you need to be very careful how you go about it. Avoid meeting the person alone at any point. There is a REASON you decided to leave him, keep that in your mind and do NOT go to meet the person anywhere alone.

Nothing in this story tells us if the perpetrator was apprehended. The number of such culprits who carry out these crimes and go scot free is disheartening.

The story was first reported in The Guardian Newspaper


“He was my boyfriend and we had arguments in February. He beat me to the extent that I was not able to go to school for three days. I told him I was no longer interested in the relationship. He later tried to forcibly take my telephone, but I refused to give it to him. I told him he was not the one who bought it for me.”

“On March 23, he called and asked me to meet him in front of our house. I refused initially, but he insisted, so I came out. He asked: “Do you mean you don’t want me again?” I said: “No! I was no more interested in the relationship. And immediately, he poured the acid on my face.

Since that day, I have been on admission at the UBTH and the doctors say I might not see again except I am flown to India where my eyes could be restored.”

“I never knew he would have the heart to pour acid on me. I made a mistake. I have learnt the biggest lesson of my life. My prayer now is that God should touch kind-hearted Nigerians to come to my aide so that I would be able to get treatment abroad, since my parents cannot afford it.”

Doctors in the hospital believe she may never see again except she is flown to a specialist hospital in India, where her sight could be restored.


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