Top Lawyer Pushes for the Death Penalty for Rapists

I know a good number of you think I go too heavy on rape stories. I can’t help it. It just seems like the worst thing anyone could be put through, outside death, that is. The good thing is, as rape cases seem to be on the increase, so also do the number of people who are adopting an equally hard stance to it. While I personally do NOT believe in the death penalty, I do believe stiffer penalties ought to be applied in handling such matters.


by Rachel Ogbu


A former Chairman of the Forum of Legal Practitioners (Lex Fora) has supported death penalty for convicted rapists.

On Sunday while speaking to the News Agency of Nigeria in Abuja, Paul Eshiemomoh described the act of rape as barbaric.

“Because I don’t see any sense in a man going to rape an underage girl, such people should not be allowed to live among people in the society.

Yes, I support imposition of death penalty for rapists because it will serve as a deterrent to others,’’ he said.

According to reports, Eshiemomoh said that the law prescribes maximum sentence of 14 years imprisonment for rapists because it is a major crime.

“But you see, the truth is that the same man might come back to the society and commit another rape.

“Women are weak in nature and so, we urge every civilised society to stand for them against this barbaric act,’’ the lawyer said.

He also criticized the police for handling of rape cases defectively.


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