Kenyan Burns Wife’s Face for Being Too Pretty

A Kenyan man burnt his wife’s face and hands for being too beautiful.

I just watched the video and really wish the entire video had been produced in English but most of the interviews are done in a local language with no translations whatsoever so the details are lost.

Essentially, the story says the lady, called Janet, was married and had given birth to three boys when her husband changed (the story simply says, ‘a side of him she did not know existed’ began to show). Since not much detail is given and going from what unfolded afterwards, it might be safe to conclude that the man got abusive. It may have been emotional as well as physical, again no details are provided.

Well, they parted ways and she tried to start life anew but this was not to be as fate got them to cross paths again. It was during this separation that this man, John, somehow got ahold of his wife and managed to burn her face and hands. Again we are not told if he used acid, hot water, how or where the attack took place. All of that is spoken in vernacular leaving the uncomprehending public to come to their own deductions.

The tragedy of the story is that three lovely boys have just been given a life lesson in relationships. What they will take away from it, only God knows. Will they grow up with the notion that violence is the only way of ‘handling’ a woman? Will they turn away from it because of what happened to their mother? What has this singular act, by a man who does not deserve the appellation of father, done to their developing minds? We may never know.

The usual accusations of infidelity have been tossed back and forth by John and Janet. He claims he attacked her because she was cheating on him (although how a woman you are separated from cheats on you is something I am yet to fully comprehend). She insists he walked out of marriage to fulfill his urge for extra marital trysts. Guess whose version I believe?

A man’s insecurity, no doubt stemming from who he clearly is himself (as you are, so you believe others are too) has led to a life sentence for a woman with three sons to cater to.

John was jailed for 10 years. We are made to understand his conduct in jail has been so exemplary that he might be released well ahead of time (I guess there were no women to scald in jail). Janet and her boys are not so lucky. They will have to live with John’s actions forever.

And in another home, in another town, in another part of the world, this story will repeat itself with a different set of actors but all using the same theme: domestic violence.

The video is embedded. You may watch it and make of it what you will.

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