Homeless Couple Find AND Return Ten Thousand Dollars!

On a much brighter note, a homeless couple has done their bit to restore our faith in humanity. I know a whole lot of people who probably would not have returned the money but the man seems to have a rock solid reason for not keeping the cash.


by Chi Ibe

A homeless Brazilian couple living rough under the bridges of Sao Paulo has turned in a stash of cash they found in a garbage bag.  The bag was filled with 20,000 reals ($10,000) on a sidewalk.

According to police reports, the homeless pair was taking a morning walk when they heard an alarm.  They walked closer to see what was going on and stumbled on a briefcase and a garbage bag full of money. The pair alerted a nearby security guard, asking him to call the police.

“When we arrived, the couple gave us the money. It might be the money stolen last week from a Japanese restaurant,” said military police spokesman Bruno dos Santos.

“The homeless pair had the opportunity to flee with the money, but they called a security guard and asked him to call the military police. What they did is commendable,” the spokesman said.

Jesus Silva Santos, the man who found the money, told the press that he earned a little more than $7 a day from recycling trash. “My mother taught me never to steal,” he said.


Culled from ynaija.com


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