Pat Robertson Tells Wife Of Cheating Husband To Be Grateful For Marriage, Make Home Enticing

I am thinking ALL men will agree with this post but it makes an interesting read so babes make una no vex with me too much! While I do feel no stone should be left un-turned in making oneself as physically attractive as possible and making the house a home, the truth is, people who are of a mind to wander eventually do so. I personally do NOT agree with his most of his views. But we must forgive him. He is getting old. No, I take that back. De man DON old!


Pat Robertson has many opinions on subjects including homosexualitypolitics and the coming of the Mark of the Beast, but it was the famous televangelist’s opinion on marriage that took center stage during Wednesday’s episode of his daily television program, “The 700 Club.”

Responding to a question from a viewer, Robertson said that married men “have a tendency to wander” and it is the spurned wife’s job to focus on the positive and make sure the home is so enticing, he doesn’t want to stray.

“I’ve been trying to forgive my husband for cheating on me,” the viewer writes. “We have gone to counseling, but I just can’t seem to forgive, nor can I trust. How do you let go of the anger? How do you trust again?”

While Robertson’s co-host hedged on the question, calling forgiveness “difficult” and spousal infidelity “one of the ultimate betrayals,” Robertson got right to the point.

“Here’s the secret,” the famous evangelical said. “Stop talking the cheating. He cheated on you, well, he’s a man.”

The wife needs to focus on the reasons she married her spouse, he continued.

“Does he provide a home for you to live in,” Robertson said. ‘Does he provide food for you to eat? Does he provide clothes for you to wear? Is he nice to the children… Is he handsome?” (*Notice he does not say anything about ‘does he treat you well? Does he show you love and care?’)

Robertson also offered a little advice on the “tendency of man.”

“Recognize also, like it or not, males have a tendency to wander a little bit,” Robertson said. “What you want to do is make a home so wonderful that he doesn’t want to wander” or give in to the “salacious” magazine pictures and Internet filled with porn.

This is certainly not Robertson’s first foray into anecdotal marital counseling, however.

In January, Robertson told viewers that “awful-looking” women can cause marriages to lose their spark.

“It just isn’t something to just lie there, ‘Well, I’m married to him so he’s got to take me slatternly looking,'” he said. “You’ve got to fix yourself up, look pretty.”

Similarly, in 2010 the host advised a woman complaining about her husband’s flirtatious ways not to “hassle him about it” and just make herself as attractive as possible.

He also once told a husband upset that his wife didn’t respect him that he could always just “become a Muslim and you could beat her.”

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