Suswam Government Did NOT Give us Flood Money – BSEMA

Lawyers Alert

Benue State Emergency Managemnet Agency BSEMA today filed its reply in the suit brought against it by Rommy Mom Esq, President of Lawyers Alert.

In the suit Mom is requesting for detailed information on the expenditure of the assistance (money) to flood victims by the federal government of Nigeria and several bodies totaling about N700m. It will be recalled the the North Central State of Nigeria was flooded about 9 months ago.

When the matter came up in Court on last week, Lawyer to BSEMA asked for time to meet with BSEMA towards obtaining information to enable him take an informed position on the issue.

In a Counter affidavit filed today however, BSEMA outrightly stated that the Benue State Government did not give it any of the money and they are only operating as an advisory body regarding flood victims.

In their defense, they asserted they have no knowledge whatsoever…

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